New God Of War Cover Art Leaks [UPDATE]

Whoops-a-daisie! It looks as though Amazon has gone and leaked the existence of a brand new God of War game for the PlayStation 3, titled God of War: Ascension.

We know very little about the game, other than the fact that it's some sort of prequel set before Kratos became the "Ghost of Sparta". This Amazon link features a short teaser trailer, but no actual game footage.

It does appear, however, to show Kratos writhing in some sort of pain. Ah, well, at least we know it exists. And that it features Kratos.

God of War: Ascension (GoW4, PS3) boxart leaks [NeoGAF]


    I bet Sony isn't too happy about this.

      Well a game was going to be announced on the 19th, technically (for us at least) it is the 19th, so everything is fine in the world. lol

    I love me some God Of War, but not sure another prequel (if it is that) is needed, the voice over suggests prior to his deal with Ares, so him fighting the Barbarians...

    GOW III ended the story, if they are bringing Kratos back, then it should have only been for a start to a new story (GOW IV), a story beyond all the shit that he caused in the last game.

    Be interesting to see how much official info is given in the next 24hrs though.

      It's not neccessarily confirmed Kratos died at the end of GOW3 though. We see his blood trail going off screen suggesting he survives.

      Won't be picking this one up myself. Had enough of GOW after 3.

        Sorry, I didn't mean back as in that I think he is dead, it certainly was left open and the rock that he crawled from also has what looks to be like a Phoenix, so it's either that, or he threw himself off the same cliff like he tried to do in the first game, so it's 50/50.

        I meant that if he was alive and they are bring his character back for another game, then it should be after the events of III, and not another prequel, we've had 2 of them already and I think we pretty much know all we need to about how he came to be.

          Ah misunderstood. I agree. I'm tired of prequel itis that seems to grip some companies. Looking mainly at Lucas Film/Lucas Arts.

          Need either a sequel or a new character to breathe life into the series.

            Maybe they could throw Kratos further forward in time, or have him go to a different civilization/mythology ala Norse or Egyptian?

              As much as I'd like to see Kratos vs Thor the problem with that is how much the different mythologies clash with each other. You'd end up with multiple creation myths, multiple gods of death etc that are somehow all apparently true within the God of War setting. If they did take the series to a new mythology I'd prefer they kept it seperate from the God of War universe and gave it its own characters, story and lore. Sort of like how Dante's Inferno was pretty much a Christian version of God of War.

        guys, in future, spoiler alert?? im only just playing through he trilogy now...

      Problem is that with all the sh*t he caused in the last game it's hard to see what they CAN do with that setting anymore. He more or less destroyed the world in the process of settling his disagreements with Zeus etc. So I think it's either prequel or nothing.

      Personally, as much as I love God of War and am looking forward to seeing what they've done with this, I would have been much happier if they'd left it alone and gone and done something completely new. Santa Monica have basically been making God of War for 2 successive console generations now - I'd really like to see what else they're capable of.

        and I also agree that is the main problem that face, how to fix the shit he caused. The easiest and cheapest solution is to bring in more time travel elements, maybe an unseen Titan or higher power that uses a power to roll back time on the world and restore it back to normal. This doesn't bring back also of the Gods, but at least it could restore the world.

        but the trailer suggests otherwise, so have to wait and see what gets updated on one of the PS Blogs in the next few hours.

    The boxart says it all. GOW is now a beaten, tortured franchise with prequel fatigue!

    This will have to look and play amazing to interest me.

    Have played GOW 3 and both of the HD Collections all within the last 12 months. But I sure as hell want me some more!

    After GOW, I completley hated Kratos. He's an incredibly unlikeable character, and he was fine in GOW1 and 2 but I just hated him in 3. Goes on and on about how he wants to protect pandora and it hints he still has humanity, but nope, he kills her so he can kill Zeus. What a total cunt.

      I could understand what they were trying to go with (particularly with the whole redemption angle), but it felt completely forced, and Kratos' actions, even during that supposed redemption, did not make me feel like he deserved redemption whatsoever. Disappointing, particularly because the first 2 games built him up as somebody who could possibly be redeemed, only for him to throw it away by flooding Sparta (the city he spent most of the second game saving) within the first 10 minutes of GoW3 and not giving a single f*ck.

        The series never felt like a redemption story to me. It always felt like a revenge story. I didn't actually think he needed to be redeemed, at least not in this story arc. All that stuff with his family wasn't really his fault. The stuff he did on his path of revenge though, that stuff was his fault. Having a new trilogy, or maybe just a single game, set post GoW3 where he's on the path of redemption for all the stuff he did in the past games while taking revenge against the gods would be cool.

      It's been a while since I played the game but didn't she sacrifice herself, or at least beg Kratos to sacrifice her? It wasn't like he straight up murdered her or anything.

    I will definitely purchase and play through another GOW game, but I would love some innovation... Great series, great character development, but the game mechanics haven't budged an inch. Give us some Co-op, with co-op moves or something, anything to make this one stand out...

    Glad it's not a sequel to GOW3. It had an ending which fitted very well with the Greek tragedy story (such as it was). It was final, and felt appropriate. Better dialogue & less blood and Euripides could have written it.

    Jumping into another pantheon of gods would please some people but would reek of cash grabbing. You'd need an entirely new character to pull that off.

    As it is, this doesn't feel necessary but as a fan of the series I'll undoubtedly get it. Just hope it doesn't get all Phantom Menaced - sometimes the implication of backstory is superior to the reality of it.

    "It’s some sort of prequel set before Kratos became the “Ghost of Sparta” "

    Actually, looking at that cover image, Kratos has his familiar white and red/purple boysenberry-swirl look as well as the blades attached to his arms. Wasn't that the point at which he became the "ghost of sparta" i.e. after he pledged himself to Ares and had the blades attached, then killed his family after which he got the ashes stuck all over him, giving him that ghostly-pale look. At least that's how I remember it - been a long time since I played the first one.

    So the cover art at least would suggest that this set after that? Could still maybe squeeze in between that and the start of the first game, I guess.

      Yep. Can't be a prequel if he retains his current look.


      Pledge allegiance = Get Blades + Power to kill Barbarians
      Ares sends him on a few missions of destruction, Ares hatches plan for Kratos to kill his own family.
      Kill Family = Crazy old witch doctor lady curses Kratos and his victims ashes are stuck to him.

    Agree. It doesn't have to make sense, just give me Kratos or someone like him taking on Ra and the Egyptian gods. Sold

    The trouble with prequels is that essentially you have to tell a very different story in order to keep people engaged. Since the big journey in GOW was always to take revenge on the gods, having this game, now, is a bit redundant, at least in terms of story anyway.

    I thought one idea would be cool (if they HAVE to do a prequel) is to do a a game that is the complete reverse of the first GOW game: (Kratos in then-present mission to kill Ares, flashing back occasionally to show the audience what lead him there) it would instead be Kratos (post GOW III) having already FOUND redemption in meeting another woman and starting new family, but is recounting past events/mistakes, and so you have a game where you play through Kratos' ascendance to the Ghost Of Sparta, but occasionally flashing forward to the present as juxtaposition as well as setting up for a future trilogy. This game would then be considered a intermission and be regarded in the GOW lore as Kratos 'time of peace', before his next epic adventure.

    Um, it's not exactly leaked. There's a full trailer on Playstation Home.

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