Read Valve's Employee Company Handbook

On Friday, a user on the Flamehaus forums uploaded a very convincing PDF, complete with accompanying photo, of a book called Valve: Handbook For New Employees.

Joining the PDF is an apparent email from Valve's Greg Coomer, saying it was written to "make it as easy as we could for new people to join the company".

If you have any interest in Valve as a company at all — and as not only the developers of the Half-Life and Portal series but the overlords of digital shopfront Steam, you probably should — it's a must-read.

The company has a reputation as a workplace unlike many others in this business, and if this thing is real, it's a reputation well-deserved. It also has a reputation as being home to some genuinely funny human begins. Again, if this thing is real, it's a reputation well-deserved.

Come for the illuminating text. Stay for the awesome illustrations! We've contacted Valve for confirmation of the book's authenticity, and will update if we hear back.

Valve Handbook for New Employees [Flamehaus, via NeoGAF]


    Holy shit, they have company vacations??
    293 employees with their 185 kids. Thats insane

    I think the kid on the right in that picture is Gabe Newell.

      The kids are Chell (from Portal), Gordon Freeman with a crowbar, and Gabe Newell.

        ...a headcrab, sandvich, sticky bomb(?), companion cubes... not sure what the rest signify.

          Notice the cake?

    Definitely panic if there’s caviar!

      Australia—A place that’s either very near or is New Zealand where more
      than half of Valve’s employees were born.

        This. This made me smile.

        After reading the entire thing you can only really commend Gabe, and Valve as a whole for how they operate.

    Wow, that was something!
    Really love the organising model based on anarchistic principles. Having worked in situations similar to this, it can be really difficult to be self directed all the time. Kudos to Valve and staff for making this.

    one of the funniest induction manual i have read in years....

    If this is legit, it totally explains why HL2 isn't coming: no one wants to work on it.

    Sounds like an awesome place to work.

      Actually we got an update very recently on that, couched as news on Ricochet 2 they do have a team working on it but they've had to throw out a lot of their ideas: some weren't working, some worked so much better than expected that they were going to waste. They haven't said anything because they felt it would be perceived as Valve dicking the fans around.

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