Roll Your Monkey Ball All Over This Lady

This isn't your father's Monkey Ball. Actually, maybe it is.

For a limited time, Sega is offering "Adult Map" download codes for those who purchase Super Monkey Ball: Tokumori Asobi-ta! for the PS Vita. In it, you can roll all over bikini model Yukie Kawamura. In some parts, the model's breasts protrude from the map and players must navigate them.

Kawamura recently featured in a clip that showed her playing the PS Vita title while bouncing around. This sounds less like Monkey Ball, and more like monkey business.

川村ゆきえさんが「スーパーモンキーボール 特盛あそビ~タ!」のステージになった体験版が本日配信。 [4Gamer]


    An actual use for the AR, nice

    It moved!

    A move that will, no doubt, have players spanking their monkeys.

    The reality doesn't need augmentation in this scenario.

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