Skullgirls Saved The Creepiest Combatant For Last

There are fighting games that seek to capitalise on the sexier aspects of girl-on-girl fighting, and then there's Skullgirls, where characters like Double trade sexy for scary with a twist of Gradius.

Reverge Labs and Autumn Games' Skullgirls is not your ordinary 2D fighter. Crafted by fighting game professionals and rendered in a visual style that's completely unique to the genre, it's chock-full of fabulous fighting females that won't find their way into a nude "Girls of Gaming" style pictorial any time soon.

The closest thing the games comes to the perfect female form, at least in my opinion, is Double here, and really that's only because she can transform into a moai statue. What, that's totally hot.

It's also coming out this week, in case you missed that.


    Well, I certainly would have missed it if I was reading an article about Fez's release date...

    I am really keen for this game and have been waiting anxiously since the accidental leak last week for the date to be actually confirmed. (Which it was on the weekend). Wait, it's tomorrow! Hooray for short weeks and their ability to completely screw up your temporal awareness!

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