'Something' Will Happen To The World Ends With You

Remember The World Ends with You? In a recent interview with Tetsuya Nomura, he said this about the game: "Now, I still can't say anything... But, something, perhaps there will be something." Hope it's not a social game! [FF-Union]


    They'll ruin this franchise like they've ruined everything else.

      Kingdom Hearts is getting better at least??? What about Deus Ex??? and Lara croft:Gaurdian of Light??? They haven't delivered an amazing Final Fantasy game in a while (since 12, FF14 was rediculously bad) but lets hope Versus is awesome instead of being so negative :D. Look at how many shit games other companies make and i'm sure Square is no where near the worst. The evidence is that they are still in Buisness...

    It's gonna be an anime. I can feel it.

    Well, Neku is making a Cameo in "Kingdom Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance" on 3DS. Will be a good way to introduce the character to those who didn't play "The World Ends with You"

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