Destroying A Planet Is Insignificant Next To The Power Of This Lego Star Wars Street Organ

This enormous cylinder made of Lego may look like a Katamari wad that rolled through Hoth, Naboo and the Death Star, but it's actually a drum driving a synthesiser, player-piano style, that plays the main Star Wars theme.

As you can see, the middle section and its structures are what appear to be driving the keys, so it's not like the gungans and speeder bike troopers below and to the sides are the ones playing the notes. Still, it's a fantastic diorama.

Built in collaboration with certified Lego professional Rene Hoffmeister, the barrel organ was showcased earlier this year in Europe. A video showcasing its development hit the Internet on Thursday. The one above was released in February.

For a making-of video, see here.



    That is so cool
    Is there anything Lego CAN'T do?

      Fall apart without touching them like Megabloks do???

    I get the feeling lego's trying to compete with Minecraft again.

      You realize minecraft lego is going to exist by the end of august this year?

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