The Ancient Mayans Foresaw The Coming Of This Devastating Case Mod

Dan McGrath's stunning Thermaltake Level 10 GT mod might be called the AzTtec, but the inspiration is all Mayan.

Looking every bit as if it were carved out of ancient stone from some scenic Central American temple, the material covering Thermaltake's Level 10 GT case is actually a material called Balsa Foam, which when carved and sanded looks like... well, it looks like this, which is simply beautiful.

Dan spared no effort in creating a PC mod that was as historically accurate as it is pleasant to look at. He even visited the library. I thought we had burned all of those down.

I really did my research. I went to every place online I could find, art websites, forums, Google searches, among others. I even went to my local library, yeah, they still have those! I created a sort of collage on several sheets of paper, along with my own drawings, to use as my source material. The only direct copy/transfer I did was the calendar though. I had to have that as close to exact as I could get it. I was really trying to not only do it well but to give it respect. The real calendar, heck even some smaller copies, are very detailed works in themselves. And I refused to make a sham of that effort.

All of that research certainly paid off. And if you think the case is impressive, check out the keyboard.

For more shots of the keyboard and mouse hit up the Bit-Tech forums, and check out the link below for a full accounting of Dan's fantastic creation. You have until the end of the year.

AzTtec by dmcgrath [Bit-Tech]


    I actually much prefer the original case though still a nice job done.

    If the inspiration is all Mayan why is it covered in Aztec motifs and not Mayan ones?

    as long as the CD tray makes that sound of a secret stone passage door - im happy.

    I was thinking of the power button making that stone passage door noise! but yeah! pleeeease I want one!

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