The Creator Of Leisure Suit Larry Wants Half A Million To Bring It Back

Al Lowe, creator of the lecherous adventure game series, has started a Kickstarter to develop a "Reloaded" edition of the original Leisure Suit Larry. They hope to raise $US500,000 and release the game for PC, consoles and mobile. [Kickstarter]


    god more kickstarters..... while I like that some projects may get funded this way it just seems every second person is starting up a kickstarter these days. What happens if they dont get to the goal of $500,000? Do you get your money back or do they keep it?

      The money doesn't come out until the goal is reached.

        ok cool.

    im just amazed that the tv is able to balance on them computers in the picture.

      rofl yeah.

      That is a cathode ray tube being constructed of a hollow thick glass tube tapering to a small diametre at the back of the set.
      Due to the mass being distributed mostly to the front of the set, the centre of gravity would also be located more towards the front of the set rather than the middle.
      But tower does look like an accident waiting to happen.

      As for this new Larry they should do it like 7 Love For Sail, 2D hand drawn point and click adventure.
      Tha last one was a joke.

    with kickstarter, you're only charged if they meet thier goal.

    they only get the money if they meet their goal.

    Great! Al Lowe was cut out of the last couple of games and they sucked ass as a result.

    I'm sick of Kick Starters.


    I am sceptical of this at best, I mean box office bust had probably the most appropriate name ever.

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