The Horror, And The Glory, Of Star Wars: Kinect's Dancing Game

There are enough copies of Star Wars: Kinect out there in the wild now that people are stating to upload gameplay videos to YouTube.

Obviously, we're only concerned with the dancing battles, because they are at once the most excruciating and enjoyable things about the game.

Sure, it's a wholly unoriginal mechanic, and sure, the treatment given to the songs in "Star Warsifying" them can be murder on the ears, but the rest of it is just so freaking absurd that you can't help but smile.

Like the 2:20 mark in the second video. The Slave Leia bit.


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      No you don't, you love him.

      That's why you continue to read and comment on his articles. Not only that, but you're usually one of the first (if not THE first) to comment on his articles, which suggests you're sitting there at your keyboard in a state of breathless anticipation, just waiting for his next article to be posted so you can read it.

      name 4 Luke 4eva <3

        i think'name' is a hoax to drill up support for kotaku writers after months of neg feedback from readers....or not.

          Yeah, I had the same thought. Except I was thinking it was Luke who's posting as Name.

            It might be... is it possible that he's got some serious psychological issues, and is desperately calling for help?

        Now I have a response to use against him! Woo!

      you're so funny

    I don't know what to say. ..

    LucasArts must only have one person in QA nowadays and his name is George.

    I still can't get over the fact they've made a minigame out of sexual slavery.

    Quite catchy..."I ain't no Hologram guuuurl"

    No, just no.

    Despite watching that first video alone, I still felt a need to turn the music WAY down, in case ANYBODY heard me listening to it.

    Does anybody remember when the Star Wars Trilogy used to have some dignity to it? You know.. before George Lucas ruined everything completely?

    No? Me neither.

    Haha, am I the only one that finds this hilarious? :P
    It's even funnier reading through the comments and seeing people getting all fired up about it!
    Although Name seems to get overly 'excited' about every LPlunkett article.

      I agree, is hilarious.

    Omg. Was this game based on the Star Wars Christmas special or what?

    Was this game based on the Star Wars Christmas special or what?

    what....the....fuck!? we were all hoping april fools but we weren't so lucky.

    I was reluctant before, but now I want this game.

    This is quite possibly this best thing I've ever seen...
    My smile is hurting my face :D

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