The Spooky-Smart Platformer Closure Is All About Shadowplay

Lots of indie platformers these days are basically Mario with a twist. The quality of the game, then, relies hugely on that twist. Braid was an incredible game because the time-manipulating twist so fundamentally changed the template set forward by Super Mario Bros. that it became its own whole thing.

Closure is a new downloadable platformer developed Tyler Glaiel with art by John Schubbe and music and audio by Chris Rhyne. It's very much an "indie platformer".

The twist is simple: The world is totally dark. You have a light. Where the light goes, the ground is solid — when the light fades, the ground fades with it. Watch the video above to get a sense of the game.

In the game, players can carry light through each of the many levels, but you'll have to get smart about how and where you carry it. A wall might block your way, but if the light doesn't it it, it stops being a wall, and you can pass.

I've very much enjoyed Closure so far; its puzzles involve far more than simply figuring out how to avoid dark pits; in fact, the smartest ones require deforming the levels into something navigable, and will force a lot of really creative thought.

I remember first playing this game when it was flash game on Newgrounds and being impressed with the concept and execution. The full version of the game is significantly more fully realised in its final version, and certainly worthy of your time. Give it a go!

Closure is available for $US14.99 on the PlayStation Network.


    Y U NOOOOOO XBOX 360?!

    I would pay far out the ass to play this on Xbox. Any news of a port at all?

    PSN US Store only at the moment, very small team and will be released to the EU in a few weeks supposedly.

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