Indie Tuesdays: Fathom

Indie Tuesdays: Fathom

fathom-pic1Wow. I’ve seen some tough boss fights in my time, but Fathom might have the toughest yet. Or does it?

Fathom is a new platformer from Adam Saltsman, whose indie cred includes Blush, Meat Boy and Wurdle. It starts out in standard side-scrolling fashion as you run from left to right, jumping over obstacles, dodging falling bricks and shooting enemies.

Then you hit the boss fight (pictured) and, well… all I should really say is play it and find out for yourself.

Is there a twist to the standard platforming action? Maybe.

(Hint: If that boss fight seems a little too tough, perhaps you might fare better by sleeping with the fishes.)

UPDATE: Severe spoiler warning for the comments below! Read on at your own risk.
Fathom [Adam Atomic, via Offworld]


  • That was crap, I must have missed the point.

    I swam around in the dark for ages. It was really boring, and frustrating with a flashlight that only looked behind you. Then everything went white and it ended.

    Either it’s really short or there’s another ending / objective I didn’t quite catch.

  • Weird one…

    Possible spoiler:
    After you get all the fish, and the door opens and follow a dark passage along for a while… it ends? Or did I miss something?

  • So whats already mentioned in the comments is the extent of the game? Because thats as far as I got as well.

    • I found a green thing that grew into a tree once i found some siol underground. couldnt get anything else to happen though, just followed the fish to the bright light ending

  • Yea I got the same.

    Would have been slightly more amazing if Kotaku hadn’t given a ‘hint’ about just jumping down a hole =<

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