This Is Possibly The Worst Easter Egg In A Game. Ever.

Easter eggs are fun, usually somewhat hidden references to games you might recognise. They're a friendly nudge in their direction. A wink even.

But not all easter eggs are created equal. In fact, this easter egg in Skyrim might just be the worst one yet. Pac-Man is certainly a good choice, but I'm not sure this piece of sliced goat cheese does the iconic character justice. And I love goat cheese.


    That.... Seriously...? This deserved an article? I hate you----

    --- gets eaten by a shark.

    We have a new plunkett. Surely this takes the title of worst kotaku article ever. And that's quite an achievement.

      This isn't quite the worst. I'd say its the third, after that one where it was basically a detailed rape story that had basically nothing to do with gaming, and that other one where the intern ranted against some guy she went on a date with. I feel like I have to keep bringing those two up, so they don't happen again.

      My problems with this article:
      1. Players have known this for almost 5 months.
      2. I love this one. When I stumbled on it I laughed for like 5 minutes. The fact is the *ahem* cheesier an easter egg is, the better.
      3. Does this even constitute an article? What the hell is this?

    In fact, this article gets further marked down for missing the obvious pun.

      Haha further marked down? We in the negatives here?

    This Is Possibly The Worst Article On Kotaku. Ever.

    I can't be the only one who saw the title and immediately thought "Plunkett!"

    Why is this even an article? This easter egg can be found on a number of easter egg FAQ's elsewhere, not only that, it's not that great that it deserves it's own article months after the games release. Also, the video is horrid quality.

    Another fine article.

    That isn't even the real cheese pacman

    I hope she gets fired for this :}

    in all seriousness she should

    Hi everyone, I just coughed. Come, look!

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