'Nintendo Has To Let Mario Games On Non-Nintendo Devices'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week...

QUOTE | "Nintendo has to let Mario games on non-Nintendo devices." — Nanako Imazu, Tokyo stock analyst, talking about what Nintendo has to do to reverse its massive loss for last year.

QUOTE | "This is the bombshell waiting to go off." — Rob Fahey, veteran game journalist, talking about kids spending massive amounts on free-to-play games without their parents' knowledge.

STAT | 151 per cent — The huge rise in iPad sales during Apple's second fiscal quarter, as the company managed to sell through another 11.8 million iPads.

QUOTE | "LucasArts effectively canned a game that was finished." — Steve Ellis, co-founder of Free Radical Design, talking about the events that lead to the collapse of their studio.

STAT | 10.5 million — Total number of Wii and Wii U consoles, combined, that Nintendo is predicting they will sell in the period from March 2012 to March 2013.

QUOTE | "It's weird that [second-hand] is still allowed." — Rasmus Hojengaard, Crytek's director of creative development, talking about how it'd be great if consoles could block the use of used games.

QUOTE | "If Nintendo wants consumers to adopt the Wii U, it needs more than competitive graphics and another gameplay gimmick." — Chris Grant, Editor-in-Chief of Polygon, with other editors talking about what Nintendo should do to make the Wii U successful.

QUOTE | "You will see bigger publishers start to get nervous." — Investor and entrepreneur Steve Dengler, talking about how the Kickstarter publishing model could change the game industry.

STAT | $US5 billion — Size of the Korean game market in 2016, up from $US2.7 billion today, according to a report from analyst firm DFC Intelligence.

QUOTE | "The company thought we had rocks in our head." — EA Sports President Andrew Wilson, recalling how EA responded when he gave a presentation that said they could get 11 v 11 players online in FIFA Soccer.

STAT | 670 million — The number of tablet devices expected to be in use globally, with Apple's iPad accounting for a third of all new purchases in 2016 according to Forrester Research.

QUOTE | "It is an epic franchise that has trail-blazed more than a few industry-leading player experiences." — Chuck Beaver, story producer on EA's Dead Space franchise, publicly eating his previous words saying Epic's Gears of War has the worst writing in games.

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    The only reason people buy Nintendo hardware is to play Mario games (and other Nintendo IPs). Putting them on non Nintendo devices defeats any incentive.
    They might as well get out of the console business if they ever did that.

      They probably will end up going out of the console business, like Sega did, they simply do not create enough games in house and the 3rd party support for their non-handhelds since has been terrible since the Gamecube.

      And the handheld market will be replaced by phones one day, even if it's only Apple and Sony creating some kind of adaptor that will work on their phones to make them gaming pads with screens.

        That's true, I wouldn't have a DS if I could get my Mario fix on my iPhone.

          I'd happily buy Mario Kart for $150 if it was on the app store

        smartest thing ive read all day

          Must have been the only thing you read today

        "They probably will end up going out of the console business", funniest thing I read all day. It's not like Nintendo is the most successful and profitable company (in regards to gaming divisions) or anything. It's not like they're the only ones that have made a profit out of their ventures into consoles...

          They are the least diversified though.

          If games were outlawed tomorrow Sony and MS would still be in business. Nintendo won't be.

          If MS and Sony are willing and can run their systems at a loss it doesn't matter

          Nintendo however could never even attempt such thing because they have no thing that can tide them over in the meantime

            Nintendo just announced the 3DS has been selling at a loss.

    Nintendo see themselves as a hardware company that happen to be pretty good at games. They won't stop making hardware. They see that as their core competency.

      But the rest of us know they are incompetent with hardware, right?

        Really? They popularized motion control so much so its become practically a standard now and they are incompetent? Oh and the only reason why the 360 and ps3 was so powerful was because they were heavily subsidized by microsoft and sony. Yeah they could sell powerful hardware because they had a massive business muscle behind them. Nintendo doesnt have that sort of backing, so they do business the old fashion way, sell hardware for a profit. What theres something wrong with that i mean most business do things that way.

        Oh BTW please remember the ps3 practically wiped out the profit both the ps1 and ps2 made for sony and the 360 and xbox consoles have yet to profit (that means the made more money then they have invested). Its easy to make a good console when you 'practically' giving them away.

        In terms of business Nintendo are still doing very well as a stand alone company, something that neither the playstation or xbox division could do on their own. That right there shows sound business sense.

          LOL Fanboy arguing with fanboy. Classic Kotaku.

            Yeah thats what the comment buttons underneath the article was for, to DISCUSS the article. Something that you are clearly NOT doing. So what shall we call people who post irrelevant comments?

    It'll happen one day. Nintendo keeps lagging behind in terms of hardware, it's acceptable at this point, but consoles in front of a tv won't be around forever, PC's and consoles are slowly integrating. Handhelds and consoles are slowly integrating, phones and consoles are slowly integrating. Everything will, at one point or another, integrate into one sort of device at some point. One portable device used for communications, games, everything, it's inevitable.

      Really? I mean apple used to be all about ipod, then release the iphone which is practically an all in one device (calls music videos etc) so you would think that with a device that does it all the ipod will practically become extinct. Has that happen? Nope. Last time i checked they are still selling ipods and all versions of them. So this One portable device to rule them all mentality is wrong. Stands to reason it wont happen for portable gaming so long as they provide unique experiences that are only possible on the DS or psv.

        Has it happened YET. No. Is it happening? Hell yes. Music, tv, navigation, banking, internet browsing, video editing, grocery shopping... just a few things I can do on my phone. Not to mention movie output to my tv at 1080p through some cables I have. Of course they're still selling other devices, your comment acts as if I said its happened right now? No, of course it hasn't. Will it at some point? Yes, more than likely.

          The main thing that Nintendo and Sony need to do is provide portable gaming experiences you cant get on phones. If phones can do what portables game machines are doing then of course they will become obsolete. Thats the challenge of both these companies. Nintendo 3DS has despite its poor start continued to sell strong, if the Vita can remain strong too developers will still make software that make Dedicated portable gaming devices attractive. Nintendo has a strong first party line up they can call upon. They alone give people reason to buy their products, so as long as they do that they should be fine . If third party developers support Nintendo there will be life in portable consoles.

          Can they compete with phones and tablets (sales wise)? No, but its not to say thats a bad thing nor does it mean the end of the road for portable consoles. If it sells as good as the original DS then im sure thats what they hoped for.

          As convenient as phones are they still lack the key feature that makes them the ultimate gaming device. Physical controls. Touch controls are adequate but are hardly accurate or reliable or easy to use. Also there are a very limited number of onscreen buttons you can use before it becomes to difficult or counter intuitive. This limits games depth and gameplay. A Combination of physical controls and touch screen give portable consoles an edge over phones/tablets. As long as the emphasis that strength they should be fine

          btw I personally dont have either portable console.

    No one seems to get that Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong etc...will never appear on a non Nintendo console, they've said this many times and if they ever stopped making hardware they'd stop making software. The notion of Mario appearing on an iPhone or Playstation is as stupid as it sounds.

      Look at the armchair economists. Nintendo is in a position to control the flow of its own content with its own platforms. They have no need or desire to release them on third party platforms. Controlling an IP is what is most important to a publisher.

      So if nintendo failed at the home console in the future, they'd stop making games all together? Silliest thing i've read all day.

        They have said numerous times if they dropped out of the hardware making game they'd stop making games.

        It means as long as there is an Audience that enjoy their products they will remain in business. They also are a business that have a vision for their games and new ways to play those games something they cant leave to other companies to do. That is why their software is tied to their hardware. Sorry that a company sticking to their principles and not tarting their games out is silly to you.

      Nintendo is a brand. This is a brand that encapsulates both hard ware and media within that brand. I don't see them ever separating these too things to create a lesser brand. They have their marketing right there in the titles that are exclusive to their hardware, and i highly doubt this will change.

      Nintendo will go broke when mario, zelda donkey kong and pokemon stop turning a profit big enough to keep things going, not when nintendo hardware stops making a profit. People simply dont buy the console just for the console. Sure the Wii had its gimmicks, but most people who seemed to have stuck with it did so for the core games of the nintendo market.

      Psssst. Zelda already did. The CD-i. Terrible games. Terrible. Seriously. Around 20 or so years ago.

      Mario appeared on the C64 in the original version of the Mario Brothers arcade game as well.

      Donkey Kong appeared in his original game as well from the Arcades on other platforms such as C64, Spectrum etc. When you say other platforms, yes I know you mean other consoles, but it has happened in history before and it likely will happen again. Once upon a time it was NEVER EVER EVER going to happen that Segas flagship Megadrive mascot Sonic would EVER appear on a Nintendo console! EVER!

    I just thought I would remind you all that the Wii smashed the 360 and PS3 in sales this gen. The 3DS is now officially the fastest selling handheld in history and has demolished Sony's dreams with the Vita. So all those Sony fans who used to say, "TeH vita is SUperiors becaUse it is 1000 timES stronger..." can pretty much eat their words - Nintendo have anhialated the Vita. Further to this, I still laugh when people claim that Apple will destroy Nintendo's handheld products; other than the fact that the 3DS is the fastest selling handheld of all time, I can say that Apple phone games are simply pathetic. The only people who are buying these rubbish 2-bit games are non-gamers, AND I can guarantee after 5-minutes of playing them, they are never played again. Mmmm, let me see - Do I want a proper handheld game like Pokemon, 2D Mario or Zelda or, do I want to play on a phone with no proper controls with games like Farmville. The argument for these silly games (I use the word "game" loosely") is null & void. Nintendo has climbed back to the top as the Video game leaders with the Wii. The Wii U will follow the Wii and 3DS as the best selling hardware because a) It's out first, b) It's controller is innovative and plays on the popularity of tablet style products but also incorporating proper controls, c) Nintendo still have the best software and game franchises that will sell units. d) Graphical power at the Wii U's level is probably where most consoles will have to stay due to lengthier game production and cost with every jump in next-gen consoles - Do you really think developers want another huge jump in graphics when their costs and time frames are stretched as they are now? If anything, Sony will likely drop out of the video game business. They have made HUGE losses on the Vita and PS3. Just because they also make TVs and whatnot does not mean they will use this money to save the PS3. It's a business and business' don't work like that.

    Pump it,


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