Vodafone Is Giving Away The Vita With Some Phone Contracts

Normally when I spot a cheap gaming-related deal or sale, I mention it to Mark and let him handle it. But since he's currently swanning around the US eating burgers and confusing people even more than usual with his impenetrable Scottish brogue, I guess I'll have to tell you about it myself.

Vodafone has the global lock on selling the Vita on a SIM contract, so it's not surprising that the Australian operation is using another familiar tactic: offering a free Vita when you sign up to a 24-month contract with its mobile phones. The plans cover Android phones from Samsung, HTC and Sony, and include the 3G version of the Vita, though without any extra credit for the device. But really, for the amount of data usage you're likely to need, prepaid should be fine.

By my reckoning, the Vita's not an appealing enough device to make this a reason to switch phones in its own right, but if you're tempted by one of the devices on offer anyway (the Nexus and the Sensation XL are the best phones in this lot) and haven't suffered a terminal case of "never again" from prior bad Vodafone experiences, it might be worth considering.

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    Cheers Angus for letting us know!

    If I hadnt already had my bridges burnt by Vodafones lack of phone service and customer service in the past, I would actually look at Sony Xperia S.

    Warning! Don't go near Vodafone until they actually have a reasonable network. I can't even get signal in my house even though i can see their offices from my balcony.

      Their office is not an exchange or access point of mobile traffic.

        I think he was trying to point out the irony, not the technical failure.

    I'd be all over this deal if the HTC One X was eligible. I wouldnt buy a vita on its own, but hey: swag.

    For me, Vodafone have had exceptional coverage for my Vita, even better than my phone (Optus). And I am extremely far from any offices

      You do know that Vodafone uses the Optus network?

        I think you're thinking of virgin mobile.

        TPG uses the Optus Network, Vodafone and 3 use their own, terrible network. The Telecoms Ombudsman will get you out of a Voda contract without penalty. My old iPhone 4 could not get any downspeed anywhere from SE QLD coast to inner Sydney. it's truly unusable.

    Implying its worth it.

    Shame I just switched to them from Optus a month ago. Reception is fine.

    Avoid Vodaphone like the plague.

    - I can't get reception at my home, despite living less than 10km from the CBD.

    - Sitting at Uni the other day, a friend texted a bunch of people in his address book. Two of the people near me got his text less than 10 seconds later. Mine arrived twenty MINUTES later.

    - Switching to prepaid to save money; I bought a $10 recharge. On Friday, I had $10 of credit. On the Saturday morning, despite having made no calls or texts, I had no credit left.

    Don't sign up to these crooks.

      +100000. Stay away from them at all costs. That is unless u want shit reception and, wait for it,...a whopping 6kps download speed. Never Ever Again!!

        +OVER 9000 !!

      I feel that pain. Apparently three Vodafone towers are being put up in my area, yet inside my house I can only get 1 FREAKING BAR! Never had this problem with Three mobile. F*ck I'd hate to be in an emergency situation like say, a house fire, where I can't get to my landline downstairs..

      Customer service is absolute shite - I'm not against speaking to offshore call centres, so long as they can understand me and are empowered to fix any issues - but it took 6 CALLS over TWO MONTHS before a simple billing error was corrected. 6 CALLS. Each one telling me they had fixed the problem only to find it hadn't!

      Text message delays, sometimes getting the same message twice.

      I know some people never have problems with Vodafone but I'm definitely not one of them. Absolutely cannot recommend them.

    Vodafone and 3 are one and the same now aren't they?

      Except 3's network is still operational!

        3 had really good network coverage, I even managed to get half decent reception in Alice.

          3 had a good network because they had a roaming deal with Telstra. Most of the time outside of the cbd areas it was Telstras network that was good, 3 were just piggy packing off it.

    Note that the default plan Vodafone offer for the Xperia S is $49, so if you factor in the extra $30 quid per month (x24) that's an extra 720 you're paying for the vita. Paying for the vita. Even if it was $20 it would be 480 for the vita. Nothing special about this offer.


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