What 375 Nintendo Game Paintings, One For Each Day Of The Year, Look Like

Aussie artist Campbell Whyte set out last year on a mission. He wanted to paint a small image every day of the year, each one based on a NES game.

While his original aim was to paint the entire 799-game catalogue, an opportunity to pursue his own graphic novel has turned up, so Whyte is stopping after one year and "only" 375 pictures.

You can see them all in the video above. It's impressive stuff. If you like what you see, many are still available for purchase at the link below.

bethandbell [Etsy]


    Did the gregorian calendar get too boring or something?

    >375 paintings
    >one for each day of the year

    Only Fluke Blunderkett

    I really can't what to see what the picture for my birthday is since it is the last day of the year... the 10th of Blundurary...

    What's that? The title of this article has been fucked up, must be a Luke post.

    How the hell do you get that wrong FFS?

    Lousy Smarch weather.

    Dem 10 extra days <3

    If you guys actually watched the video, he painted 375 images over the year, so Luke isn't wrong, he just worded the headline poorly.

    Ease up people.

      And word it poorly he did indeed.

    Yeah. I totally missed earth's axial rotation velocity slowing down enough to add 10 whole days to the earth's orbit of the Sun.

    I must have been hibernating for a couple of billion years. Shit, well done on being around so long Kotaku. And props everyone for shoving me in a holodeck so all this shit looks the same as 2012. I feel like Captain America.

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