Your Official Guide To The World, And Maps, Of Westeros

For lovers of George R R Martin's Game of Thrones series, or just fantasy geography in general, your family's birthday/Christmas shopping just got a lot easier.

Announced a little while back, the The Lands of Ice and Fire is a compendium collecting the first detailed and officially-sanctioned maps of the book and TV series' world, from Westeros to the Summer Islands.

Justifying both the size of the tome and its $US40 rrp is the fact it doesn't just include a single giant map of the whole world, but a ton of smaller, more detailed ones as well, for specific locations like King's Landing, The Wall and Valyria.

All the maps are being drawn by Jonathan Roberts, who does this sort of thing all the time. And does a damn fine job of it as well.

The collection will be out in October.



    Oh, awesome.

    Looks like this isn't 'The World of Ice and Fire" companion encyclopedia thingy that was being worked on a few years back though. Really interested to see how that turns out.

    Damn this would've been handy while reading all the books. With so many locations featured in such detail it became a massive chore looking at the tiny little maps included at the start of the book.

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