Fine Art: Game Of Thrones' Concept Artists Have Designed Unseen Areas Of Westeros

In 2015, over 40 of the concept artists working on HBO's Game of Thrones got together and decided to put on an exhibition, aimed at illustrating the wider world and history of George R. R. Martin's universe.

With the author's backing, and after three years of hard toil outside the job of actually working on the show, the massive collection of artwork is now ready for display.

The result is Unseen Westeros, an exhibition that includes over 80 pieces designed to introduce fans to Ice and Fire's world as though they were a foreign tourist, with different soundtracks being piped into different rooms and a complete audio guide that narrates the experience.

Exploring areas of Martin's universe that we haven't seen in the show, whether because of geography or history, think of it as a Director's cut of the world itself.

It'll run from January 23-27 at the Umspannwerk Reinickendorf in Berlin (much of the show's art is done in Germany). It's a non-commercial event, and entry will be free, but the team behind it are running a Kickstarter to help cover the costs of stuff like rent, lighting and insurance.


    this would be great if i lived in Germany

    "How it all begun"

      That's quite a glaring mistake isn't it.

      This concept design is awesome.

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