35,000 Telstra Passwords Reset After Games Services Hacked

35,000 Telstra Passwords Reset After Games Services Hacked

If you’re a customer of Telstra’s GameArena or Games Shop site, you won’t be able to log in using your existing password today. Customer data for 35,000 users of the service was stolen in a hacking attack, so Telstra has reset the passwords as a precaution.

A statement from Telstra outlines the extent of the impact:

Information that might have been obtained was limited to BigPond Games usernames, the email address used to join the site and the encrypted GameArena and Games Shop passwords of up to 35,000 customers.

Telstra says it is emailing details of the new password to affected customers; if you haven’t received an email, you can click here to have your password reset.

According to Telstra, the site is operated by a third party, so other Telstra customers shouldn’t be affected. It also said that no credit card details were stored on the affected server.

As ever, if you used the same password for GameArena as for other sites, you should change that password on other sites as well. Using the same password on multiple sites is an elementary security mistake you should avoid, but it happens.

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  • Facepalm.

    Only signed up there to compete in a GameArena BF3 ladder – which wasn’t run that well anyway. Sigh.

  • While I try to alternate passwords this is going to be a pain.

    I highly recommend people use a separate email account for anything financial/personal. Anything for forums/game stuff use a different e-mail (as forums/gaming sites tend to be the main sites targeted).

    The hackers basically just run a program with your email address and the hacked password on a multitude of sites until they get in with what they gained.

    Last year I had $1500 withdrawn on my PayPal due to a forum being hacked. Suffice to say I now fully endorse the above method ^^

    • Yea, i have a throw away hotmail account that I use for crap like forums. 😛

      Doesn’t bother me if hackers get my forum password… go ahead. lol

      • It just becomes a problem when you get complacent and lazy and start using the same password for everything…

        KeePass is a godsend for storage of passwords.

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