A Party Bus Can Sure Liven Up A Zombie Apocalypse

Let me set the scene. DayZ, a mod for ArmA II, is one of the bleakest, most brutal video game experiences you'll ever have.

In keeping communication, convenience and supplies to a minimum, leaving players to their own devices in an empty world out to kill them, it gets what makes a zombie apocalypse so appealing to people.

It's lonely, it's dangerous and most of all it's terrifying.

So imagine my surprise the other day when, while hiding in a house in the middle of a town eating my last can of sardines, I hear a car horn.

No, not a car horn.

A bus horn.

You don't see many vehicles in DayZ because you need to repair them to get them running.

To repair them you need parts, then to run them, you need gas.

Yet here was a bus, riding right through town, horn blazing. And it was full of people.

Running outside, I flagged it down, all the while thinking "what the fuck is going on, I am hailing a bus in the middle of the zombie apocalypse". That and "This has got to be a trap, right?"

Nope. It stopped for me. I got on, and wasn't killed. There were around eight other survivors on the bus, and they were having a blast. It was a party bus. A party bus full of dudes, sure, but a party bus all the same.

People were shouting at the driver to do tricks, to take them to specific places, to stop here so they can pick their buddy up, etc. It was the first, and only time I've ever seen during the game where people weren't acting like terrified bags of meat and could instead let their guard down.

Instead of running from zombies, we all laughed as zombies ran hopelessly after us, safe in our metal sausage fest while they groaned and stumbled and eventually died when the driver would get bored and back over them.

All those laughs ended up getting most of us killed. So confident were we that the zombies couldn't get us on the bus that we all forgot about the other faction at play in the game: arsehole humans. Stopping at a dockyard to pick up some food from some corpses, we were jumped by bandits, and those who weren't initially gunned down were finished off when the bus - our glorious party bus - went up in flames.

In fact, the clip I posted the other day was captured almost immediately after the bus blew, and was me and a few other survivors running for safety.

Rest in Peace, party bus. You were the best of times, shielding us temporarily from a game that's about nothing but the worst of times.

Note: Those who are new to ArmA II with this mod, know that party buses are actually a bit of a thing.



    This is why I love ArmA and the whole Operation Flashpoint series.

    I love stories like this. DayZ sounds so cool right now.

    really want to get into DayZ but Arma2 is just such a chore to play.

    The only reason i haven't made a fresh install of ARMA 2 to play this, is because of the thought of the player killers. Just sucks the enthusiasm right out of me. You know people are doing it just to grief.

    I'd rather enemy humans be AI to be honest. Cooperate (or not) with real people, but have the bandits just be AI.

    I might still try it anyway, but I don't know. The thought of spending hours slogging through ARMA 2's engine building a decent character, only to have it killed by a griefer whose only purpose in life is griefing, makes me very reluctant. I think I'd end up ignoring the zombies and just worrying about people. Takes away the point of playing a zombie mod IMHO.

    Feel free to tell me how wrong I am or I'm an idiot etc. It's all good. :)

      I think thats the whole point though, its the idea that in a zombie apocalypse the zombies aren't really the primary concern, its the other desperate humans out to kill you.

      I really disagree with you here AussieSniper.

      This mod wouldn't be popular at all if it was just about the zombies and no player killing was involved - It's what makes it so much amazing fun.

      You never know if that survivor you have just come about is friendly or hostile.. will he betray you? Will he put a bullet in your leg if you are attacked by a horde so that he can escape while you are incapacitated?

      The brutal nature of this mod, player killing and all is what makes it so awesome. It is unforgiving. It is dark. It is realistic, because in a real zombie apocalypse you damn well better believe that people WILL murder you, rob you and do such things to ensure their own survival.

      Removing player killing would kill the mod overnight

      I sure hope I'm not stuck with you if a real apocalypse happens.

      But serious point.
      "You know people are doing it just to grief."
      No, people are doing it to survive. They don't care what it costs, when it comes to you vs. them they'd choose themselves.

    This was an awesome read, thanks Luke :)

    Nicely written! Did lol

    Plunkett wrote a decent article? Wtf is it opposite day? Oh god I have no idea what is happening!

    God damn.

    I finally found the game I was looking for years.

    I am going to have no life. Ever again.

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