Activision's 1984 Catalogue Did Not Feature Call Of Duty

Before the internet, before people even really cottoned onto the idea of games magazines, publishers had to sell things the old-fashioned way: with TV ads and catalogues.

Most catalogues were simple affairs, all bright lights, screenshots and slogans, but sometimes publishers went a little left field. Like Activision did in 1984 when it basically commissioned an illustrated children's story.

With its fancy prose and Yellow Submarine-esque imagery, it's certainly a novel approach to selling video games. And hey, judging by the catalogue's strength - featuring all-time classics like Pitfall and Ghostbusters - maybe they just figured the games would sell themselves, so the creative types could go nuts.

Catalog - Activision [AtariAge, via Retroist]


    proof that Activision is evil...

    Old Activision sounds awesome. I wasn't born at this point in their timeline but hearing my older friends talking about classic Activision games makes me wonder why the company doesn't do this any more.

      I was born in the 1980s. Back then and well into the late 1990s many players in the game industry took plenty of risks and that is why you see so much creativity and variety in games created at the time.

      Over time though, publishers and developers began to favor huge profit over everything else thus the risk taking stoped so it is rare to see something novel in gaming any more.

      Also, the Activision you know may not be the one that was present back in the day. Like Atari, I think the name was sold off to cover debts in the past, but I'm rusty on the issue. The only company I ever looked at closely is Nintendo and they have not really changed.

    Proof that they can milk anything they can... even Ghostbusters...

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