BioWare... Still Wants You To Tell Them What You Want In Dragon Age III

BioWare has been going back to the drawing board on Dragon Age III for a while now. Dragon Age II, as you may recall, received a mixed critical reception at best — I sure didn't care for it though of course, not everyone hates the game including some thoughtful folks who work here.

Bioware wants you to know that They Are Listening To You, and want to hear every idea that you may have about the third instalment. Seriously. Every single possible idea you may have.

At PAX Prime last year, they held a panel where they engaged the audience to find out what they wanted. At PAX East this year, they did the same thing. And starting this week, they've been doing it yet again on their official blog.

From a post on the 14th by BioWare's community manager Jessica Merizan:

Beginning today, we'll do a series of questions and discussions around Dragon Age. Consider this a conversation between fans, the community team, and the developers. Everyone at BioWare is incredibly excited about the future of the franchise but we're interested in what you have to say. Every month, we will discuss a topic or question about Dragon Age and game development. You will have one week to post your thoughts, desires, and hopes before we close the thread for review. Moderators and developers will pop into the thread to chat every now and again, so keep an eye out.

These questions and discussions are not only for future games, but other potential products like novels, animated features, pen and paper RPGs, and comics — all of which offer us opportunities to expand on parts of the world.

Merizan is sure to be clear that what they're making no promises with any of it, but that they're interested in engaging the very vocal community to make sure they know what people want as they make the game.

The question for May?

"What kinds of things would you like to discover and learn about the Dragon Age world?"

[Insert joke about wanting to discover why the second game was such a disappointment.]

This sounds like one part good community management and PR, one part genuine interest into what the fans want, and one part hoping to really listen and not have a repeat of THe Ending Controversy That Shall Not Be Named.

I have to (somewhat jokingly) ask — in between all the conversing and feedback-wrangling BioWare is doing, I do hope that they have time to implement a few new ideas of their own!

Dragon Age; Question of the Month (Discovery and Learning!) [BioWare Forums via Rock, Paper Shotgun]


    I find it hard to believe they don't know what was wrong with the second one when most of the decisions were obviously cost cutting ones.

    "Hey guys, we can save a lot of money if we just makes all the dungeons identical!"

      Well, yeah, but what they learned from DAII was that they cut costs in the wrong area. That's why they're doing the communication route so they can find where they can cut costs with minimal backlash. It's a work smarter, not spend more money" thing.

      One has to wonder though if they'll end up spending just as much trying to find the secret combo from their (often contradictory) audience.+

        I wonder if the price of DA2 was lower or higher than DA:O

        If it was higher I think they would have some explaining to do :p

          They were working on DA:1 for 5 years, and were working on DA:2 for 1 and a half or so.

    So guys, get Da2, look at it.

    Then do everything the opposite.

      So create a game with terrible characters, less ambiguous decisions and discussion, terrible gameplay, and worse leveling system?

        Da2 gameplay was terrible. He said do the opposite, this would mean good gameplay

          DA2 gameplay was awesome. If anything the gameplay in DA1 was terrible.

            DA2 gameplay was awesome on consoles! It really, really wasn't on the PC :\

      Or just don't make it at all and save us the inevitable disappointment

    Won't be buying it due to the ME3 mess.


        Hey guys, let's write off an entire game as terrible, even though only the last 5 minutes was disappointing ! Even though the game and story were much better overall than most of the other games out there today, I think I'm justified in saying that Mass Effect 3 is by far the worst game ever made!

        Actually, no, better idea, let's just blindly assume everything that this developer makes will be crap! Cause that's what we gamers do, make logical judgement calls!

          If the last five minutes of Mass Effect 3 ruined all Bioware games forever for this Z guy... and he follows that logic through to other game developers... what the hell does he have left to play?

    Wasn't it a month or so ago that Bioware was telling their fans to back the hell off and to stop thinking they're producers?

    Bioware sure are scrambling to repair their image.

      That was one producer, speaking for, himself - and he's never been associated with the main Bioware studios that make Mass Effect and Dragon Age.


      I had the same thought, but I'm pretty sure that was just a former DA2 producer having a wank.

    no colour adjustments for different endings please.

    Hmmm, are they asking because they have an idea and want to refine it, or because they truly don't know how to proceed, even story-wise?

    The question: “What kinds of things would you like to discover and learn about the Dragon Age world?” makes me fear the latter

      Keep in mind that this is also to decide where future novels, social games, pen and paper RPGs, comics etc are set.

      From all appearances they have DA3 planned out and are a fair way into production. The lead writer was attending voice actor auditions the other day.

      "These questions and discussions are not only for future games, but other potential products like novels, animated features, pen and paper RPGs, and comics — all of which offer us opportunities to expand on parts of the world."

      One would assume "What kinds of things would you like to discover and learn about the Dragon Age world?” would pertain to the above quote, being that they could be looking into settings for future novels/movies/comics that fans want. If you want to base that question purely in the game world then it could also be for ideas for side quests of future DLCs they haven't thought of yet, or even other tie-in games like Dragon Age: Legends and Dragon Age: Journeys.

    Dont try to mainstream it. I would much prefer a low-key heavy RPG than some big blockbuster that every 12 year old wants to play.

      But yourself in the devs shoes and think you yourself 'What will make us the most money?'
      Now realise that your suggestion will be thrown out the door because the target demographic is too small.

        Lacks foresight. A small but dedicated fanbase can achieve higher profits by extending the lifespan of a franchise.

    CO-OP I WANT CO-OP. My happiest gaming memories were from co-oping BG1 and BG2 + Expansions all the way through with a single party with my friend and I controlling 3 characters each.

    I felt DA cried out for coop. and DA2 was... well... pants, giant radioactive rubber pants.

    The main thing I liked in Dragon Age 2 was the combat, it was fluid while still giving a great level of control. I was constantly bringing up the wheel to give people commands. The fight with the Dragon in the tar pits was awesome , which made the final battle all the more disappointing. They just need to fix the world and story. If you give choices, don't have all choices lead to the same ending.

    Look at Dragon Age - ok got it?

    *taps nose with newspaper* Bad. Bad Bioware. Don't do that anymore.

    The dog wags the tail, the tail doesnt wag the dog. Fair enough take feedback but straight up if a game is made by a committee of fans it will be a mess and they'll be the first ones to let you know about it

      Fine concern, but they've pretty clearly indicated that they're under no obligation to do anything fans ask (and certainly not if fans demand) - and a lot of the devs are rightly hostile to being told what to do.

      I think there's a difference between encouraging fan feedback because they were apparently blindsided by the reaction to DA2, and wholeheartedly surrendering to design by committee.

    -More than 1 race choice.
    -For combat, give me Origins with some refinement, not a complete makeover.
    -Full customisation of weapons and armour. Stats can be streamlined, dont care either way.
    -No DLC characters. Pre order DLC is fine as long as its only cosmetic, no items or extra gameplay.
    -Bring back Morrigan and Alistair in a meaningful way. They dont have to be playable.
    -Increased difficulty.

    Considering how awfully Bioware has handled sexual relations in their games, they could start by simply NOT including any in DA3.

      this. spend time on gameplay not romance options.


    Bioware see the Witcher 2? thats good dark fantasy. Do that. copy it with a Dragon Age slant on it, I dont care, just more games like Witcher 2 please.

    "BioWare… Still Wants You To Tell Them What You Want In Dragon Age III"
    Not a rushed, shovleware game for a fucking start.

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