Can You Name The Video Game Rabbit Hero Forever Etched On My Forearm?

Can You Name The Video Game Rabbit Hero Forever Etched On My Forearm?

Long before Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski made a name for himself with Unreal and Gears of War, he already made a name for himself in the heart of at least one young(er) gamer with the PC’s answer to the platforming mascot character.

His name is Jazz Jackrabbit, and if you don’t know who he is then the latest splash of ink on my increasingly colourful arms is of no consequence to you. That’s fine; I didn’t do this for you. I did this for all of the teens and young adults that didn’t have a traditional game console back in 1994-1995. Instead we had shareware, freeware, demos… we pretty much had what console gamers are enjoying now, a chance to download and play games before laying out cash for them.

And where Nintendo fan had Mario and Sega fans had Sonic, we PC gamers had Jazz Jackrabbit, a green bunny from outer space on a mission to save Carrotus princess Eva Earlong from her turtle captors. It’s the classic Tortoise and the Hare fable, only this time around the turtles are jerks and the only thing that can win the race is the slow-and-steady application of massive amounts of firepower.

The inspiration for the Jazz tattoo came during my visit to Epic Games last month, where the old game boxes lining the walls coupled with the woefully tiny conference room named after the gun-toting rabbit made me realise that our furry green friend didn’t get the respect he so rightly deserves.

He still doesn’t, but now he’s on my arm.


  • i actually bought jazz jackrabbit. one of the few games I was able to buy back then. I think I still have the original disks floating around too. Have no idea whether they will still work or not.

  • That’s a stupid tattoo, congratulations you now look like an idiot.

    Next time you love a retro game, maybe buy a poster or something. Don’t do something this stupid.

    • I see you’ve got yourself an opinion there, use it wisely and stop flapping it in people’s faces like a penis.

      I happen to like your new ink, Fahey.

  • That is one of the ugliest tattoos I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe you’re not embarrassed by and ashamed of it.

  • Loved Jazz. Not a hint of originality in it, but it was solid and fun and it filled the console-style games hole nicely. Just like Wacky Wheels.

  • Nice one.
    I remember having heaps of fun playing Jazz back in the day, searching around for secret walls filled with birds that spat bullets at your enemies, fun times for all.

    Looks like a great tatt to me.

  • Great tattoo, the line work is excellent. And the green is in there really good. I hate tattooing with green. Good job

  • Ahhh gotta love the tattoo craze. There will be good money in tattoo removal technology. Enjoy the lime green bunny… or the scars – whichever you choose.

    • lol yeah, tattoos have just gone nuts since the very late 90’s…I don’t understand why people want to mark themselves permanently…I’m embarrassed looking at the clothes I wore 5 years ago, be damned if I’m going to permanently imprint my current bad taste onto my body.

  • Don’t know about the haters, but Jazz Jack Rabbit and Jazz Jack Rabbit 2 will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Jazz was awesome back in the day, but I’ll forever be a Commander Keen fanboy.
    Ain’t no stoppin’ him!

  • “Instead we had shareware, freeware, demos” YES! Jazz Jack Rabbit and Hocus Pocus were the shit. Didn’t get a SNES untill my cousin gave me his in 2002, then the same deal with his N64 in 2003

  • I have Jazz CD and both DOS Christmas specials on my Mac. My brother, who has a severe intellectual disability, absolutely LOVES watching me play Jazz Jackrabbit! It was our best form of brother-to-brother bonding.

    Before anyone asks, I can easily run DOS games on my Mac using a magical app called Boxer.

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