Company Of Heroes 2 Begins War On Gaming Press

Company Of Heroes 2 Begins War On Gaming Press

Early this morning a delivery person showed up at my door with shocking news: HITLER BEGINS WAR ON RUSSIA. Either that was the world’s most delinquent paper boy, or THQ really wants us to get excited about Company of Heroes 2.

Not only did THQ send me a FedEx wake-up call at 7am, they also got me to translate Russian. The card accompanying this poster-sized piece of World War II nostalgia reads “Briefings begin May 7”, indicating we’re just three days away from the big reveal of the sequel to one of the greatest real-time strategy games of all time.

Well, aside from what’s already been revealed via magazine scans.

I just wish THQ hadn’t gone the newspaper route (*rimshot*) with this initial tease. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the significance of June 22, 1941. It’s not that I hate history. It’s the fact that the obsessive compulsive collector in me now feels I need to collect the entire set of 1941 cover sheets from The New York Times.

Note to insane PR people: That was not a request.


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