Titan Quest And Red Faction DLC Sweeten The Humble THQ Bundle

Titan Quest And Red Faction DLC Sweeten The Humble THQ Bundle

The Humble THQ Bundle was already a fantastic deal. $US1 for Red Faction: Armageddon, Darksiders, Metro 2033 and Company of Heroes and its two expansions, Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor. Paying an extra $US5 would also net you Saints Row: The Third. Now, THQ has sweetened the deal even more, adding Titan Quest and the Path of War DLC for Armageddon.

The extras were announced yesterday on Humble Mumble, the Humble Bundle’s official blog. To grab these goodies, you’ll need to fork over $US5.61 (at the time of writing), but that’s still stupidly-good value.

With over 700,000 sales so far, the Humble THQ Bundle is just $US50,000 shy of $US4 million, easily making it one of the most successful gaming bundles ever.

It’s conceivable THQ will add a few extra titles to the bundle, especially if sales continue so strongly. Five days is plenty of time for the publisher to select another game or two from its catalogue. A bit of Dawn of War love perhaps?

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  • If only you could gift the games you already own. Maybe it’s my up bringing, but I can’t bring myself to buy this when all but 2 games will go to “waste”, even if I only pay $6.

    • You get a steam key for saints row the third. A separate one for titan quest, one for the red faction dlc, and one for the rest of the games put together. Don’t know if this helps as you could give the unwanted steam key to someone and keep the wanted one for yourself.

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