THQ Is So Broke It Made A Humble Bundle

THQ Is So Broke It Made A Humble Bundle
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Ahh, Humble Bundle, the best site in the world for great packages of indie games and- wait, what’s this? Saints Row? Darksiders? I see you, THQ! Just peeking in the bushes there, waiting to ensnare us with your new humble bundle. You’re not an indie developer at all, THQ! What are you even doing.

At least it’s a good deal. And I guess they’re certainly humble.


  • Keeping their heads above water until they get purchased by some other company. They’re worth a lot more if their studios and talent is kept together rather than having to shed staff.

  • Yup.. thought the same at first then of course remembered that THQ are on the way out.. so clearly trying to get as close to breaking even as possible.. but I’m not going to buy it..

    Indie games yes.. indie music yes.. saving a bloated and dying publisher no..

    • I don’t think they’re looking to be saved, or even make their money back. If I had to guess I’d say someone at THQ just wanted to give some games away while they had the chance. I imagine you’d see a similar sale if Valve ever went broke (although in that case the bonus content would be mindblowingly amazing).
      I mean it’s a pretty terrible idea to make money. Selling their best titles for next to nothing when a Steam sale for each individual one at $10 could net them some proper scratch without giving anything to charity. They’ve pulled in over a million so far but I’m guessing most of that is going to charity and Humble Bundle, Inc. I love THQ and even I was tempted to slide their share down and the charity up.

      Either way it’s worth it for the Red Faction Soundtrack.

  • I don’t understand why people have a problem with this.
    If you don’t want THQ to get money, put the THQ slider to 0.
    If you don’t have steam or windows, don’t buy it.

  • Hey awesome, a big publisher selling games for charity! Surely that’s good news that people can be happy about. ..*looks around*…right?

    • You’d have thought so wouldn’t you? But apparently some people have expectations and entitlements and this doesn’t fulfil either.

  • Wow, that’s quite a turn of events – a major publisher giving away games for virtually free, really in a show of desperation. Still, they’re already given Darksiders and Saints Row 2 and Warhammer away for free on PSN+, my guess is that Saints Row 3 will be given away for free on PSN+ before long.

    It looks like THQ are effectively dead then. Or maybe this is just a really stupid marketing ploy, Wouldnt they have sold loads of copies of SR3 if they sold that for say $10? I know i’d buy it if it were $20 on PS3, but i’ve not seen it that price yet.

    • I picked up SR3 and all the DLC earlier this year in a Steam Sale for around $10-15. Well worth the money.

      THQ would do better selling each game for $5, instead of everyone seemingly paying the $5.64 minimum to pick up SR3 as well. I’m sure a lot of people would snap up those games for that price.

  • I say good on anyone who puts their games up for charity. I generally do a $10 minimum on these things and most of that goes to charity.

    Still, if my $1 to THQ can help them out then that’s a bonus.

  • If you’ve got such a problem with THQ then you can choose not to allocate any of the money you pay to them and instead give it completely to charity

  • Thats a pretty amazing lineup of games for the price. Its a shame so many of us already own them.

    I think I (Like most other people) am only missing Red Faction.

  • I’m pretty keen for Metro 2033: Last Light and CoH 2, hopefully they get a good booster from those sales. Not sure what everyone has against THQ?

  • I did purchase it and like everyone else said I gave all the money to humble and charity, 0 to THQ. That is not because “this is a cheesy/desperate action”. I would NEVER buy metro2033, company of heroes, I have darksiders and saints row on my xbox, red faction was the only one i could pay ~5$ and i did pay 6 to get them all.

    All these games are next to useless now, because they are considered “old”. They have no dlc in that bundle etc. So i don’t think thq did this out of desperation, (i have no idea about their financial status) I think they did because they can. They still have some of the best (in their genre) franchises like Darksiders, WWE, Warhammer and if they were desperate i think they could use those to find a way around

  • Unfortunately it is Red Faction: Armageddon. It’s nowhere near as good as Red Faction: Guerrilla which happens to be an incredible game

  • Wow, I have none of these games. I only really want Darksiders though.

    I just want THQ to stay alive long enough to release the South Park game. Hopefully this fills their bank account up a bit.

    • Me, too. I’ll pick this up for no other reason than to help them limp (painstakingly crawl?) their way to the Stick of Truth release.

  • Same as a lot of folks in the comments, I already have the games in there I want…so if so many people have them….why are they going broke again?

  • Could the Kotaku staff please update the title or the article to say that it is for charity? I know it says that in the pic but the title and text seems a little negative in that respect.

  • I’m a bit blown away by this, thanks Kotaku – I would not have known if it weren’t for this article.
    Just paid $5.75 for the entire bundle – I feel like I’ve done something illegal!
    I was happy to pay $10 just for SR3… already finished Darksiders on PS3 earlier this year, and have Metro 2033 on Steam, but the what the hell, Awesome deal!! Totally worth it – I do wish I could pick couple of the games to be gifts though, oh well. Again, awesome deal!!!!

  • Not sure if this might save the company. Too bad, I got all the games I want from THQ already. THQ is extremely in need of money and I feel for them. Not sure which company will buy THQ.

  • Shame to see that THQ has got to this point, but good on them for doing it in a way where money can go to charity as well.

    Anyway, I already own the games I would want from the bundle, but I’m happy to throw a bit their way and help out.

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