THQ Humble Indie Bundle Raises Over $5m

The THQ Humble Indie Bundle was insane. Featuring a massive amount of THQ's best games, as you might expect, the sale went off, shifting 885,313 bundles for a grand total of $5,097,678.03.

The average price payed for the bundle totalled at $5.76. An incredible deal considering the package.

It turns out that Jason Rubin, the current President of THQ contributed an amazing $11,050 over two payments to the bundle. But, since the Humble Bundle site allows you to specifically divert funds as you choose, Rubin sent an incredible $9,500 of a $10k donation to charity. According to Rubin, answering a question on Twitter, the Humble Bundle team "deserved thanks" for giving THQ the opportunity.

Humble THQ Bundle raised over $5 million in two weeks [Eurogamer]


    I feel bad for saying this, but I really hope some of that money didn't go to charity and THQ got a bit. I don't want them to fold. They gave me WCW vs NWO Revenge! Revenge for Pete's sake!

      I second that.

      Dawn of War is probably my favourite RTS of all time, I played that to death. Pity the sequel sucked though.

      By default it seems 65% of the split goes to THQ, unless you adjust the sliders to give more to charity or the humble bundle guys.

      I personally adjusted the split so more went to THQ.

      I left the contribuiton sliders at their default, so THQ would get the most of my $25

    I put in $10 - most of which went to THQ. Metro 2033: Last Light, c'mooooooon!

    Igave THQ $20 out of a $25 payment. I really want them to make it to that Stick of Truth launch.

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