EA Offers Crowdfunded Games Three Months Of Free Distribution On Origin

So, you've successfully rallied hundreds of strangers to pay for your brilliant game idea on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or some other crowdfunding site. Now you need to make the damn thing. But an even bigger problem looms after you develop and test Amazing Game X: getting it to everyone who wants it, including backers.

EA, of all companies, wants to help with that wrinkle. They've announced today that they'll make crowd-financed games that are "fully-funded, complete and ready-to-publish" available on their Origin digital distribution platform and will waive any distribution fees for three months. Of course, once those three months are over, EA presumably goes back to taking their cut.

It's a savvy for EA as the mega-publisher tries to attract more games away from Valve's Steam platform and looks like they're helping fledgling developers. And if you're a veteran game creator like Brian Fargo, the loving audience who paid out to Kickstarter probably won't care where they're buying your game from as long they get to play it. On the other hand, once a consumer signs up for Origin, EA's free to dangle all of their own wares in front of them so they get a marketing boost off of this initiative, too.


    "And if you’re a veteran game creator like Brian Fargo, the loving audience who paid out to Kickstarter probably won’t care where they’re buying your game from as long they get to play it."

    As some one who has backed several kickstarter games included Wasteland 2 I'd be absolutely infuriated if I was told I'd need to install Origin to download the game.

      here's the world's smallest violin, and its playing just for you.

        Nah, I agree with him completely. I wouldnt play an Origin game.

      took the words out of my mouth rant O clock. EA needs to back the duck away from spyware and drm for me to take them seriously. and they need to keep way away from our precious Indie platforms and stages

    One problem EA, because of your handling of Origin (EULA fiasco and pulling other titles to be exclusives) people are avoiding your system like the plague.

    Origin can be summed up as this, "Let's look at Steam and do the complete opposite."

    Use steam, I'm sure Valve would be happy to accomodate more indies as they have already.

    Marketing ploy by EA fo sure!

      Thanks captain. Of course its a marketing ploy lol.
      Sure hope nobody takes them up on this offer because i personally hate what it did to BF3.

    Good move by EA. Doubt it will work but a good try

    I hope it succeeds

    why do people got ballistic about origin and not the apple store?


    Anyone who is looking to crowdfund their game on Kickstarter is most likely smart enough to put themselves on the other side of the planet to EA.

    EA is pretty much why you're on Kickstarter in the first place.

    I'd be reading those contracts with a magnifying glass to make sure that there are no catches such as EA having exclusive distribution rights and that you retain ownership over your IP and basically that they don't do to you what they've done to so many other companies already. (ie. Take them over, shut it down and then loot the corpse)

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