'Games Like Call Of Duty Need New Console Hardware'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Games like Call of Duty need new console hardware." — RW Baird analyst Colin Sebastian on one of the reasons that Call of Duty: Black Ops II may not set any new sales records for Activision this Christmas.

QUOTE | "The hardcore gamer now is the niche market." — Stew Kosoy, financier at Swiss firm Digital Capital, talking about the game industry and what they're looking to finance.

QUOTE | "They're unique in that they have a 100 per cent hit rate." — Shanti Bergel, SVP of Business Development for Gree International, talking about why Gree acquired Funzio this week for $US210 million.

STAT | 436.8 per cent — Gain in buzz on social networks for Call of Duty after Call of Duty: Black Ops II was announced, according to Nielsen Media tracking.

QUOTE | "Kids are going to destroy the internet." — Fight My Monster chairman Dylan Collins talking about the tricky under-13 market and how their expectations for games are very different.

QUOTE | "We could end up with an industry ... acting blindly in short-term self-interest." — Veteran journalist Rob Fahey, talking about the danger of publishers abusing buyers of digital products.

STAT | Five million — The number of daily users of Draw Something that Zynga has lost in the past month, dropping from 15 million to 10 million according to AppData.

QUOTE | "We embrace the law of unintended consequences." — Jon Lander, EVE Online's senior producer, talking about how CCP dealt with a very tumultuous year for the MMO, including a massive fan revolt.

QUOTE | "We are concerned that the company's accelerated release strategy is simply resulting in more churn of existing users." — Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz, talking about Zynga's loss of share in the social gaming market.

QUOTE | "Some people say paid is dead and that's wrong." — Phil Larsen, chief marketing officer for Halfbrick Studios, talking about their success with Fruit Ninja and other mobile games.

STAT | 500,000 — Number of downloads for the free version of Pocket Ninjas in just five days, according to developer Cocky Culture.

QUOTE | "It's odd to see it in a third-person game and especially odd because it's not a shooter." — Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities analyst, talking about God of War: Ascension and its new multiplayer mode.

STAT | 292 million — Monthly active users of Zynga games, according to Zynga's report on their first quarter 2012, with 182 million monthly unique users.

QUOTE | "Services like this are going to become a necessity for real franchises." — Jamie Berger, VP of Digital at Activision, talking about the growth of Call of Duty Elite and its impact on the game industry.

QUOTE | "Facebook is nothing more than a distribution platform for other businesses like Zynga." — Dave Anderson, former Activision biz dev veteran, talking about business deals and the rise of social/mobile games.

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    ‘Games Like Call Of Duty Need New Console Hardware’ but that would mean a new game engine and Activision have some sort of phobia about that.

    BF3 uses the same console hardware as CoD, and while neither games are great, to say CoD needs new hardware is moronic; what's needed is some actual engine development >_>

    Setting aside how ridiculous the first quote is, i love this one:
    QUOTE | “Services like this are going to become a necessity for real franchises.” — Jamie Berger, VP of Digital at Activision, talking about the growth of Call of Duty Elite and its impact on the game industry.

    Real franchises... Activision really are up themselves aren't they.

      If COD is so broken , why do sales keep increasing ? It's addictive NOT broken game play for one. If you were activision and sales figures proved year after year just how unbroken it was would you change it too much and risk breaking it? NO the smart thing to do is just keep tweaking and fine tuning. I'm just explaining this to all those who HATE when really they just aren't seeing the game for what it is and that is an addictive fast paced online blast with tight gameplay. So yep , if you don't like it , play something else because guess what haters , COD is doing just fine without you!

        I've heard the same argument from people into crappy pop music.

        Guess what, you're a pop culture fan, not a gamer.

    ‘Games Like Call Of Duty Need New Console Hardware’

    My question: Why?
    It's a fairly tame seven-year-old game engine, which itself is a modified build of the idTech 3. It runs at 60fps on all consoles, and hell, runs great on my mate's Pentium 4 seed box. BF3 needs better console hardware as 30fps is really bad. I did a side by side comparison with my PC vs my mates X360 and wow, it's amazingly crap.

    New engine.

    "Kids are going to destroy the Internet"

    Exactly... Only kids play call of duty, and it doesn't need a new engine or hardware. They just need to stop making these stupid games!

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