Here Now, A Guy Playing A 4-Story Pipe Organ With Kinect

Here Now, A Guy Playing A 4-Story Pipe Organ With Kinect

I’ve seen plenty of people playing a theremin, but never someone playing an organ with Microsoft’s Kinect motion-controller Yet that’s just what Chris Vik does, reprogramming a Kinect to control a 4-stroy pipe organ.

Yow! Conductors already control an orchestra with only their hands, but this takes things to a new level.

(Via Kinect Hacks, thanks Corey for the tip!)


  • I think I nees one of these in my music room. Just saying, it will really pull the room together.

  • I can’t understand how people can hack the Kinetic to do something like this yet Microsoft can make a decent game with it?

  • If I saw someone doing this at a concert I would laugh out loud at them. This not only looks stupid, but it’s simplifying the greatness of classical music to a few notes. If you’re writing a piece for computer, you’re doing it because an normal person wouldn’t be able to play it. This is just purely for show AND it makes you look stupid. Maybe if he was doing something he wouldn’t have been able to do before, it would be okay, but considering I could compose something of equal compositional greatness as the piece he has written for this. If he was doing something along the lines of Stockhausen or Schoenberg then I would not hate this as much as it would actually make sense but his is just stupid.

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