How About A Part-Time Job Buying Diablo III?

Diablo III is coming out. Soon. And people (like this individual) are very excited. South Korea is no different. Gamers are jazzed about Diablo III. And whenever there are jazzed people, there are unscrupulous individuals ready to take advantage.

A South Korea job site recently ran a listing for a company offering a "one-day job" to buy video games. The game in question was the limited edition version of Diablo III, and the listing offered to compensate and cover all expenses. "First-timers can apply and you can even work with a friend!" read the ad. For each copy, you could earn 50,000 won ($40).

Oddly, the ad — which has since been taken down — was apparently published by an outsourcing company. This lead to speculation that this outsourcing company was a front for another company or individual who wanted to hog Diablo III stock and then sell the game online for jacked up prices.

In South Korea, it looks like Diablo III will be hard to get. Pre-orders for the game at retailer LotteMart have already closed.

When contacted about these rumours, the outsourcing company supposedly said that it had "no intention of stocking up" and the games were "for an event inside the company".

Jongsu Chang contributed to this report.

"디아블로3가 뭐길래..." 사재기 업체까지 등장 [BetaNews]


    The hilarious thing is looking at all the topics on various forums about how people are going to pay their bills with Diablo 3 proceeds.

    dont dis it man, someone really close to me made $12,000 last year alone selling in-game items for Shaiya...

      Considering the amount of time it would take to make that much, you could simply get a job and make it in 1/4 of the time.

      That's not factoring the increased accessability of EVERYONE being able to sell items online, rather than a select few selling items on the grey market.

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