Is This Worse Video Game Laugh Ever? Maybe!

You thought Tidas from Final Fantasy X had an awful laugh? Have you heard the original Japanese version?


In comparison, the English version is actually easy on the ears! The ten-minute remix version, though, is still utterly bonkers.

Final Fantasy X was released way back in 2001. A remastered version is headed to the PS3 and PlayStation Vita, hopefully crazy laugh and all.



    Hahahahahahaha... He sounds like a crow :-\
    <3 this game so much, even the stupid laughing scene

      >He sounds like a crow :-\

      Exactly what I was thinking, lol

    To be fair, as terrible as it is, this IS a particular scene about trying to laugh, not his laugh for the whole game.

    i like how this comes out only a few days after it was featured in a "two best friends play" video... -_-

      My thoughts exactly...

    I guess when they played James Taylor the Japanese sound bite they really did just say "Do it like this."

    Also Brian it's TIDUS, not TIDAS.

    Sounds better than the English version to my ear.

    the japanese voice actor masakazu morita for tidus does ichigo from bleach also

    Wasn't this laugh supposed to be intentionally silly? I mean, they were both forcing to laugh as a way to deal with a certain situation and pick everybody up.

      Pretty much. I mean it's pretty bad even then i guess.
      Meh I still like the scene, understanding what it was trying to convey it's actually one of the most important character development points in the game.

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