Tidus's Laugh Makes The Big Bang Theory Actually Funny

The Big Bang Theory without the canned laughter and Tidus's horrible laugh from Final Fantasy X are both very uncomfortable to watch separately. But YouTuber skylazor mixed the two together, and the result is... something really special.

And it could have been even better with the Japanese version.

Big Bang Tidus [YouTube]


    nope, it just reminds me how TBBT isn't funny in the slightest and how painful voice acting in games was to begin with

    Wow, this was the least funny thing I have ever seen.

      Agreed. I didn't think Big Bang Theory could be less funnier, but I was wrong.

    This is fuckin hilarious.

    BBT and everything Chuck Loore creates is complete hacky shit.

    BBT is to nerds what going black-face is to African Americans

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