JB Hi-Fi Now Selling Parallel Imports In Store

Plenty of major retailers have sold parallel imports in-store: GameTraders did it to get a headstart on local release dates, EB have sold imported games, and troubled retailer GAME has also sold imported games as 'pre-owned'. Now JB Hi-Fi is getting involved, but its scheme is a little different...

Not only is JB Hi-Fi selling imported games in-store, unlike other retailers, it's selling them at reduced cost, and advertising them as "import games" at "great prices". Other retailers selling parallel imports have tended to be a little more discreet about the practice, and have used imports to increase the profit margin on stock, JB Hi-Fi is doing it in — arguably — a far more honest way.

According to in-store staff, this is a 'nationwide initiative', and that's made clear by the fact that JB Hi-Fi has created specifically branded 'JB Hi-Fi Special Import' stickers to put on the games themselves. As far as we know JB Hi-Fi is only stocking games that can be played on Australian consoles, so there is no need to worry about the games not working on local machines.

We're currently trying to get in contact with JB Hi-Fi for comment on this, more news as we get it.

Thanks to Steven Janjic for the pic!


    Sweet. Maybe the local distributors will finally start to take notice.

      To be fair though, they already have. I bought Max Payne 3 for $69 last week. Not bad.

        I agree that prices are slowing dropping, but that example I don't believe that counts, what will Big W's price be after the initial sale? The standard price will return to $89 or so.

        You paid that price because the retailer you bought it from charged you that much, at a loss too. Nothing to do with local distributors.

        Yes, i would say they are already starting to get the hint as there are some games that are a bit cheaper than usual. I saw the new ghost recon game for 69 somewhere, hell even EB has the signature edition of that for 88.....

          Think those prices are just JB...

          unless EB are just screwing over the online purchasers only...

      I think they'll basically be forced to otherwise all the retailers will just stop bothering with them.

    "Their" not "there".

      You need a comma after a quote.

        Punctuation goes inside the quote, not after.
        "Their," not "there."
        Don't ask me why.

          That's a North American convention. In British/Australian English, it's acceptable to put the full stop outside the quotation marks unless the quote is the entire sentence. Rule of thumb: if the punctuation is part of the quotation, it goes in. If it's part of a bigger sentence, it can stay out.

          (Why do I know such things?)

            Interesting. I was told this by a friend who learnt it at a private school in Adelaide though.

              Adelaide you say? Well that explains everything.

                The Adelaide version would be correct. Because it was never a convict settlement, the Queen's english was not corrupted by criminals and other members of the lower-classes.

            I'm a sub-editor at a newspaper, and I can assure you this correct.

              Given the standard of grammar I see in a lot of newspapers these days, that doesn't really fill me with a huge amount of confidence :P

            "It's also journalism/newspaper style. It looks ugly to me now to have the comma outside the quote," he said.
            "The following quote just needs a full stop.
            "Then you just add another full stop to round it out, with quotation marks to close."

        Fair play, but come on. The usage of there, their and they're is some fundamentally basic shit. I'd say it's the first thing they teach you when you're trying to earn your jouranlist badge.

          Nah, good spot man. It's technically 'its' as well!

            No, it's "it's" - he's using it as a contraction of "it is", not as a possessive. (Unless you mean in the article, in which case you've got the right "it" both times.)

              No, I'm talking about changing 'there' for 'their'. But it's actually its. I'm not talking about what he wrote.

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    A few bits of info to add. Games are all UK PAL, so Wii/3DS games won't have any region lock problems (and dlc for other platforms should be okay too)

    Lineup is about a dozen or so titles, multiple CoD games along with Mario games, few random choices like Bulletstorm and Pro Evo filling out the lineup. Prices range from $20 to $50

      What was that sticker on New Super Mario Bros Wii saying about on-line gameplay?

        The import sticker is a generic cover-all-bases disclaimer over dlc and online features. Even if the game (Mario) doesn't feature online play, the imported stock will have the sticker

    i saw some of these a few days ago at JB, and was quite interested.

    whatever helps bring game prices down is fine with me

    Now THIS is how you handle a changing market.

    If they are close enough to ozgameshop prices I would be willing to pay the extra few dollars to avoid waiting 2 weeks for postage.

      GAME might be closing, but EB is far from having a monopoly. And stuff like this is why.

    Good stuff

    I work at JB, and I can tell you that these games are flying out the door. If a customer can get over the fact that the game is the exact same aside from the ratings logo, they make a great saving.

    I was going to mention this, I saw them in JB yesterday. The prices were really good, pretty much the same as Ozgameshop prices. All the ones I saw were $20-$30. The selection wasn't anything I was interested in though. Just Call of Duty and a few other things.

    Woo, maybe I'll pick up Max Payne 3 this month instead of waiting for next payday!

    I like what JB are doing only have one question though will you be able to trade these games back in if you wish to do so? as i know EB Games do not trade imported games.

      Umm... they certainly do... there are plenty of imported games on the pre-owned shelves!

      Yes, they do. I have seen imported games with the Australian rating sticker over the UK one, but they sell at the same price. You know, just EB being greedy and praying off soccer-mums and dead-beat dads like usual.

      Only reason EB dont trade the imported is if their is non-english language text also on case/instructions.

      Found this out with a chinese English version of Gears of War 3. Looks to foreign to sell.

    Looks like they might be spurred by the success they had with grey-importing camera's and how Cannon came to bat and reduced their prices.
    Glad to see one major retailer is trying to force change on the distributors.

    Its about time really, games in the US go for $60 and we still pay $100 with a stronger dollar? Enough is enough I saw and JB doing this is brilliant, should make other retailers think twice about their prices.

      Actually our dollar has now slipped below parity.

    Will be interesting to see what EB end up doing. I hope they follow and it become a giant "fuck you" to the local distributors who have been overcharging us for decades.

    Any word on which region the games are imported from?

      They'd all be from Europe, or more specifically, the UK.
      This means that there won't be any problem with any Australian consoles playing the games :)

        Thanks, that is good to hear. While the PS3 is region free I have had some trouble with DLC being region specific. Since Australia is served by the same PSN store as the UK/EU there shouldn't be any problems with that.

    This is pretty bloody great news, indeed :D

    this is all good news for now but prices will start to go back up if the aussie dollar keeps dropping

    I'll give it a week before the local distributors\imports kick up a fuss and find some way of getting this banned\stopped. Then I'll give it a week for the ACCC to say they will investigate this and then I will give it 12 month's before we hear anything on the topic again.

    In the meantime I'm going to get me some Max Pain 3

      Erm, Max Payne even, too early in the morning

      Except that parallel importing is completely legal (some would say encouraged) under the law, the major restrictions (e.g. the Copyright Act) having been removed / changed over 20 years ago. The major exception continues to be books, which are still completely restricted from importing although the Productivity Commission recommended that this be changed back in 2009 - and of course nothing has happened on it.

        And look at the state of book retail in this country since they decided to keep the restrictions on books a year or two back.

    This would be fantastic if they ordered in NTSC 3DS games... as I wouldn't need to import them from PlayAsia. But I highly doubt they would

      Do they work though? I was under the impression that they were region locked.

      If not then I may need to look into purchasing Bit.Trip.Collection!

        They are region locked but if you own a US 3DS being able to buy at a reasonable cost locally would be nice. Will never happen naturally ;)

        Nah they wouldn't work it is region locked. I swear I would buy more games for it if they didn't region lock it. Seeing a game right there would make me purchase it rather than waiting 2 weeks.

    But each case has the Australian rating stickers... What if I end up with an NTSC game for my PS3 and want to buy PAL DLC?

      Afaik all of the games are European (usually UK) PAL copies, like what ozgameshop does - and they have no trouble with DLC.

        Although looking at TDark's comment below, maybe there will be DLC issues?

      I guess that will be your problem, and the consequence of buying an imported game rather than an 'Australian' game.

      That's why the import sticker has a disclaimer about possibly not being able to buy DLC.

      That's why the import sticker has a disclaimer about possibly not being able to buy DLC.

    Only problem is when someone tries to buy dlc on ps3 for an overseas game. Doesn't always work if it's from UK even though it's PAL.

      95% of the time it does. Of course, it's frustrating as hell when you want the DLC for the last 5% (looking at you, Enslaved).

    Shouldn't JB note that DLC may not work with these titles?

      RE DLC - the import sticker on the case has a disclaimer saying as such. Looks like someone has their shit together!

    They should import Japanese and US games as well since PS3 is region free. Good to see they're doing this though, I import 99% of my games purely because of prices.

      PS3 is region free? Can anyone else confirm this 100%?

        Games are. As noted above, DLC is not. Most of the time, the DLC from a UK/PAL copy is compatible with the Australian store, however there's a few games where it isn't. You'd need to set up a UK PSN account to get that.
        However, every single disc-based game is region free. (note - does not apply to DVDs or Blu-Ray movies).

          Funnily enough, by the ass-backwards region system for physical disc media, we are actually in the same Blu-Ray region as the UK is (95% of my Blu-Rays come from amazon.uk). But yes, for DVD's you may have issues.

    In other news, MW3 is still $99 on steam :/

      I paid $20 for a Russian MW3 CD key opposed to paying the ridiculous $100 on steam.

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