League Of Legends World Championship Promises ‘The Biggest Payday In ESports History’

League Of Legends World Championship Promises ‘The Biggest Payday In ESports History’

League of Legends will put $US5 million up for grabs this summer and fall in its second annual world championship series, pitting the winners of six regional championships against one another at the University of Southern California’s Galen centre on Oct. 13.

The world champion will get $US3 million of that $US5 million prize pool, which Riot Games is billing as “the biggest payday in eSports history.” Currently, top League of Legends teams have been participating in a series of Challenger Circuit events to qualify for the regional championships. The first of those will be staged July 26 in Shanghai, China.

Europe’s regional championship will be Aug. 16 in Cologne, Germany at Gamescom. North America’s is Aug. 31 in Seattle, at PAX Prime. Korea’s regional is Sept. 21 at Soeul’s OGN eSports Stadium. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau follow Sept. 22 at Taipei, Taiwan. A regional will also be held for Southeast Asia at Singapore in September, though no specific date has been set yet.


  • Can the season end already? It has taken two years, but I finally came to the realisation that you have to duo queue in order to survive on the ranked ladders.

    • Actuallllyyyyyy, Season 2 has been running for about, what, a half year? Ignoring the ten or so weeks of pre-season 2.
      Season 1 lasted forever (2 years?).
      So I guess of they wrap up the season at the end of this that’ll be close enough to a year for Season 2.

      Seems pretty arbitrary though, but what does it really matter?

      • Probably not for most, but being stuck sub 1k (sub 800 :'( ) and being unable to escape because even after carrying most games loss is still the flavour of the day.

        I would just be happy if I were at about 1400 where the same allies don’t somehow manage to die twice before the first minion wave is even in the struggle.

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