Maybe There Will Be An Avengers Video Game After All

Thursday, the day before The Avengers was released in US cinemas, an Ubisoft contractor registered the domain "", reports the domain registry watchdog Fusible.

There is, of course, no retail adaptation of the superhero film. Those who want to play an Avengers video game must wait until Zen Studios The Avengers table set arrives for Pinball FX2 and Marvel Pinball.

Fusible notes the speculation that an Avengers game adaptation "may have been delayed, cancelled, or simply couldn't work," but a listing attached to a major console publisher could mean something is coming, whether in retail or downloadable form.

Avengers: Battle for Earth video game headed to consoles according to domain [Fusible]


    No-one wants this game.

      I do. THERE, you are proven wrong.

        I also do :D


            I'd have a look.

              Everyone will be interested.

              It will be rushed to market to cash in on the movie.

              It will be shit.

              The circle of life regarding movie videogames will continue.

                If this is the first-person Avengers game that was in development picked up again, then yes I want in too.

    I hope it's a PC/Console game but it's more likely to be a Facebook or ios game.

    There already is an Avengers video game, its called Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It has a sequel, and both games are better than any half-assed movie tie-in. If Activision aren't involved, the game will suck just like all the others.

      If Activision AREN'T involved?? 0_o

        Yes. The Activision logo on the box is a stamp of guaranteed quality interactive entertainment. You see it on a never ending parade of magnificent products, each fresher and more original and more surprising than the last. I'm confident that an Avengers game by Activision would be the finest video game ever made. It won't happen, though. They have too much integrity to make a game cashing in on a film or comic book licence, even if the game itself would be a peerless masterpiece.

      That game was worse than X-Men Legends, which was a lame version of Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance.

      Oh no, a flaming bit of debris is blocking our path! Can Storm use her powers to put out the fire? No? Ice-man can't either? And spiderman can't swing over it? Oh, we have to go around to another area and push a rock off a ledge to smash the debris. Cos that makes sense.

        Hahaha, so if one of the villains of the Marvel universe wanted to trap the Avengers they'd simply need to encircle them with flaming debris.

      I tend to agree with you there. I really quite enjoy Ultimate Alliance (sequel included) and I'm skeptical that any other Avengers adaption would tickle me even half as much

    You know, I was thinking about this earlier on. I would love to see a game based on Avengers, where each level you were made to play as a different member of team. Avoid the usual beat-em ups (been way over done) and just have a lengthy level that fleshes out their mechanics and make them seem more interesting.

    there was an avengers game, first person style, that looked interesting but got cancelled

    Studio Oz and BlueTongue were working on the Avengers movie tie-in before THQ stomped all over them. There were a couple of leaked trailers floating around for a while.

    Probably a facebook game...

    Those saying its a facebook game, there is already a facebook game, I dont know what its called but someone in my opengl class keeps playing it causing so much detraction.

    I think an Avengers beat'um'up would be sweet. Like a HD Streets of Rage-esque kinda set up. Online and offline cooperative 4 player. Make it long. Some sort of upgrades on the way. Something to give it a bit of difference (im not a game developer so cant think of what exactly). An EXTREEEEEME mode. Some sort of vehicle level. XBLA. Id get that for 1200 points all day.

    I would love that first person Avengers game to be finished and any other games to. There should've been something ready for the release window, but I am having too much fun watching the movie over and over to worry about it.

    If this game comes out for PC as first person! Man! I'd buy this game already! Come on People ... Lets say PC POWER! :D

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