Michael Pachter Estimates Whiners Outnumber Complainers 100 To 1

I like Michael Pachter. I really do. I get Castleville requests from him all the time. Seriously, though, I do go to Pachter for comment occasionally in my sports columns, mostly because the deals cut in that genre are complex and often rely on a publisher partnering up with older businesses, and he understands those relationships much better than I do.

But I have to wonder if Pachter — probably the most well known financial analyst to rank-and-file video gamers — is being deliberately ironic here. Because his complaining about whining sounds a little like whining about complaining.

But, stick with it, he does actually say the word "Wiineses".

Oh, and Mass Effect fans, don't feel left out. He gets to you at the 3:01 mark.

Pach-Attack: Whiners vs. Complainers [GameTrailers]


    It's just some ranting fat guy. He's just having his own whinge. What a noob/fat guy.

      Yeah, the professional industry analyst is the n00b, not the neckbeard posting on the internet. lolol

      Srsly Pachter is my goddamn hero.

        I was just joining in the whining train.

        He also predicted the death of the Wii every year since the launch and has always being one of its greatest naysayers. He probably wouldn't even admit that it has been a rousing success.

          Exactly! How many wrong predictions can he get in a row before he gets fired?? This guys a joke and his predictions are (in the case of the Wii) less then pure chance. Find someone with better then 50/50 accuracy.

          I am pretty sure everyone predicted the death of the Wii. I wouldn't hold that against him.

      I've heard Michael Pachter called many names over the years, some very deserving, but I've never heard anyone call him fat. So you don't find The Pach physically attractive? Hey man, whatever floats your boat. I ain't judging. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I hope one day Mickey P manages to shed that entire unwanted dimension so that you can finally find true happiness. You have my support.

    This guy has made some comically bad predictions in the past. Just saying.

    How can Pachter even have fans? Why don't people realise he makes some many guesses that a few are bound to pay off.

    Honestly couldn't care less about his predictions, the reason I can't stand him is because he talks as though he's an expert on things he knows nothing about. The number of fallacies in his thinking is mind boggling, and even that is ignoring the times he's just wrong as a matter of fact.The guy is analyst not an expert on all things video games, he should stick to that (which he's also apparently not great at).

    EA doesn't get the difference between Whining and Complaining don't they?

    I really don't understand how people seem to think they can analyse an industry (or analyse an industry analyst even) better than people who do it for a living. Do you really think you're privy to all the information he is? Seriously?! I mean he's wrong half the time, I really don't care. He's just documenting his thoughts, if anyone here did that I'm pretty sure your ratio wouldn't be 1:1 it may even *gasp* be worse than Pachter's. Seriously, is it possible to disagree with any authorative figure or creative person on the internet without reigning brimstone upon them and calling for their heads?

    Oh goodie! It's the good old "Nobody is allowed to point out that people moan too much on the internet, because that's /hypocracy/" shibboleth.

    Well done, you have rediscovered Sophistry. Good for you!

    This is the same Michael Pachter who said RTS games didn't work on consoles because they were "turn based", the guy may know a lot about something, but it sure isn't video games.

    The man, the myth, the legend. He's much richer than most of us will ever be. And he's awesome.

    I find him pretty entertaining.

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