Please, Stop Torturing Us With These Metal Gear Rising Torture Videos

There's a simple rule publishers need to adhere to when it comes to live action marketing: either do it right, or don't do it at all. Skimp on the quality, even just a little, and what you end up with will probably be a bit shit.

Ubisoft know the rule pretty well. Konami? Konami don't.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is out later this year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


    This game just doesnt have the 'Metal Gear' feel to it. No sale, though I may borrow it from a friend if anyone bothers.

    I don't even think die hard MGS fans will be picking this up. Who likes Raiden?

      He was very popular in Japan, and most of the hate against him was focused in the United States, with him getting better treatment on average in Europe and Oceania.

    1st thing that dude looked nothing like Jack/Raiden
    2nd The knife wielder did not move or look or dress like Ocelot (it sounded like Revolver Ocelot)
    3rd that was really crap acting/cinematography

    And finally and most importantly "Live action" almost ALWAYS damages the credibility of a game, and certainly when it is done so cheaply and pathetically as this was. If this was all anyone knew about the game NO ONE would buy it, rather they would spread the word that it was going to suck balls.

      1st. The guy in the chair wasn't Raiden, you see his reflection in the knife but this is meant to be when he was still a child soldier
      2nd. Isn't meant to be Ocelot, it's meant to be Solidus
      3rd. Well me there

    Oh man, that is just terrible....

      I think you are mistaken my friend, this clip seems to be set in 'the past', back when Jack was a child soldier with Solidus (the knife wielder). You only see jack for a flash as a reflection in the knife blade, so you cannot really tell if it looks like him or not.

      oh god they should just cancel this now and save MGS reputation.

    I would love a bad kojima game over this.... its pathetic as a die hard fan from 98 its a kick in the face of everything metal gear is...

    Binary Says E3

    Team Platinum represent! I can't wait for this game!

    The quality of this teaser is up there with the videos they play before rides at theme parks or the one that briefs you at laser force.

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