Return To Dead Island With The Game Of The Year Edition

The Dead Island Game of the Year Edition, due out June 26 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, combines the game, both bouts of downloadable content and the blueprint for the Ripper weapon mod in one $US29.99 package.


    Dead Island got a GOTY? News to me...

      News to me too! I just beat the game (finally) a few weeks ago. Not too bad but not too great either ;) That price is okay for retail I guess.

    I dont think anyone gave this game the GOTY title.

    The devs are full of shiz

    Those accents. Do we really sound that retarded to the rest of the world?

      Oh come now! Those accents made me enjoy the game that much more. Hilarity!

    Doesn't a game have to get GOTY to get a GOTY release? Who awarded this one? :)

      The developer's mothers.
      Seriously though, i think "GOTY" is now just something that gets slapped on for marketing purposes, and has lost all meaning whatsoever.

        Maybe some tiny blog awarded it. Or someone's Facebook status. Or maybe it was the publisher that decided it was the game of the year.

    I wonder if it comes with all the glitches and co-op issues of the original too?

    Wouldn't you think that a pre-requisite for a GOTY edition would be to actually win Game of the Year?

    I haven't played it, is it worth 30 bucks?

      $15 maybe. Not $30.

      On PC, where you can mod and fix quite a few things? Yes.

      On console? Not so sure.

    If anyone is interested, Dead Island is actually on sale for the next two days on Steam. $11.99 for the base game, $7.98 for the two DLCs. The only thing missing from the GOTY version is the Ripper weapon mod, which I'm sure is not worth the extra $10.

      I'd probably be buying it now if I didn't have Diablo 3 sitting there tormenting me.

    $30, nice

      The goty does have the ripper weapon says so on there site and its case

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