See How Spyro The Dragon Evolved In These Early Sketches

Sure, Spryo may be the ostensible core of Activision's hit Skylanders franchise but once upon a time, he started off as a simple pencil-on-paper drawing.

The sketches above come from an archive hosted at The Animation Academy and focus on the work of artist Charles Zembillas as he tried out multiple designs for the firebreathing lizard who'd become Spyro. Gamers today know him as a youthful, brash purple hero but it's really illuminating to see the concepts that had proto-Spyro as chubbier, goofier and taller.

The Origin of Spyro [The Animation Academy, via Game Informer]


    why did he turn from just a cute little dragon, to the abomination that he is in skylanders?

    man, i'm never gonna get another good spyro game in my lifetime

    Insomniac made the first 3 Spyro games and then called it a day on their creation. The development was then taken and passed onto other companies hence why it went to shit.

    ah The first spyro my child hood in a disc the only good spyro's are 1,2 and 3 the rest are all eh I miss the old looking spyro and how he didn't talk it was nice

    Spyro certainly used to be adorable.
    Now he's 'grown' into some disgusting gargoyle.

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