Skylanders Moves More Than 30 Million Colourful Pieces Of Plastic

In today's first quarter financial results announcement Activision revealed at more than 30 million Skylanders toys had been sold as of March 31. That's enough toys to feed 30 million plastic-eating children a day for an entire... day.


    When I was in EB (don't judge) to get Starhawk this lunchtime, they had a huge display of Skylanders toys and I asked the guy about how many of them they sell. I was honestly astounded to hear how well they sell, but then I guess that kids do love their cheap plastic toys, remember McDonalds and Happy Meals?

      They're actually pretty cool figurines, heftier than expected. Definitely don't feel like cheap plastic toys. The game is also very good.

    Our house has 14 of the things, they do look cool and they survive being manhandled by our toddler and they also do what they say on the tin!

    I wonder how many copies of the actual game have been sold?

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