Segas Greatest Hero Had An Action Figure

If you think I mean Sonic, get out. And don't come back.

I mean Segata Sanshiro, Sega Saturn ad man and star of easily the greatest video game commercials ever made.

During the height of his popularity in Japan in the late 90s, Takara released this figure based on Sanshiro (played by former Kamen Rider star Hiroshi Fujioka). Standing around 12" tall, it's not the greatest toy you'll ever see, but...OK, no, it is. And yes, I am saying that just so Sanshiro doesn't come around and kick my arse.

Sega Saturn Segata Sanshiro Action Figure & VHS [GameSniped]


    God I loved the Segata Sanshiro ads, the last one always makes me shed a tear though.

    The ads alone probably explain how the Saturn lasted longer in Japan than elsewhere.

    I'd prefer an Alex Kidd figure.

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