Skyrim's Giant Dragon Wall Installed On A Regular Office Wall

Alduin's Wall, the giant stone wall that not only plays an important role in Skyrim but which was also prominent in the game's early advertising, was last year turned into an actual thing.

Strung up at Bethesda's E3 and PAX booths, it's now found itself a permanent home in the offices of the game's developer, where no doubt Max von Sydow will be flown in any minute now to stand around and mutter at it all day.




    This could only be matched by the bas-relief of the Great Hyperspace War from Chancellor Palpatine's office.

    I wonder what it's made of? I mean it can't be too heavy if four guys armed with string can dead lift it a story.

    that's epic and all, but I really want those fallout posters in pic 3.

    The Skyrim’s Giant Dragon Wall > "AWESOME" - EPIC - MAD - Dig it`s out off this world, O.K. infact
    on the wall and 'DAM"` it looks Great - good - how~ever 1 wisher's to state... So much Ive share to fellow gamers via: Game On*'`

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