Sounds Like Konami Will Be Announcing A New 3DS Castlevania At E3

The latest rumour suggests that Konami will be announcing a new Castlevainia game called Castlevainia: Mirror of Fate at E3.

This comes via the Dutch website N1tendo who deduced from Konami's E3 schedule that the new game will be announced. According to N1tendo, the game will be called Mirror of Fate and will have two members of theLords of Shadow creative team on board: producer David Cox and writer/director Enric Alvarez.

This is all unconfirmed, but the broad strokes of it sound good, at least. I loved Order of Ecclesia on DS, so I'll gladly play another handheld Castlevainia game.

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate in the making for 3DS [N1tendo (translated) via NeoGAF]


    I too enjoyed Order of Ecclesia. I sure hope they keep it 2D also.

    i was just thinking about this the other day....hoping for 2D metroidvania and not a port =D

    Imagine if nintendo and konami did a new 2d metroid...

    All three DS Castlevanias were fantastic, got me right into the series and even back buying a couple of the GBA ones. Can only hope they continue the tradition here.


    Jesus tittyflipping christ, this is ridiculous, Kotaku

    My 3DS has been taking offense to how often I shove old DS Castlevania carts into its port... maybe this new one will help the lil guy's self-confidence. :)

    David Cox again? Augh. He blocked me on Twitter because I wanted I said I wanted IGA to make the next game.

    loved order of ecclesia, enjoyed portrait of ruin. here's hoping it's 2d, but unfortunately it'll prolly be 2.5 or 3d. with the 3ds being more powerful that the DS they might be able to pull of 2.5d without it being a complete mess.

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