Konami Appears To Be Teasing Something Castlevania-Related

Over on its official Facebook page, Konami links out to a teaser site that sure seems to hint at something Dracula-related. The site bears the words "The Dragon Returns", which refers to the linguistic roots of the evil count's name. Dracul — as in Vlad Dracul — means dragon in Romanian.

The site could be hinting at a sequel to 2010's Lords of Shadow or it could be priming the pump for the rumoured Mirror of Fate 3DS title. "CLOS Teaser Page" appears on the page's source code so it looks like the former may be more likely. Either way, it looks like the publisher's going to have more vampire-slaying action in store for gamers soon.


    cmonnnnn vita game!

    If it's Lords of Shadow 2, I won't be buying it. They made Lords of Shadow because the loosely linked, yet wholly standalone titles were "too hard to get into" and now they're set to release a direct sequel? Screw that.

    C'mon 2D castle exploration! I want to do it in HD! (And not that XBLA game no one talks about)

    Come on, LOS sequel! I will buy the crap out of that!

    Apparently Lords of Shadow 2 AND the 3DS Castlevania games - joy! Loved Lords of Shadow, had a few issues though be good to see the upgrade.

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