Straight From 1990, One Kid’s Adorable Painstaking VHS Guide For Beating Mega Man

Before the internet existed, millions of players toiled away in lonely obscurity to find the best way to beat the oh-so-hard games of yesteryear. Lots of us scribbled in notebooks, drew our own maps and called tips lines to figure out how to And then we shared this elusive information with others.

Chris Bucci went further, though. Back when he was 12, the guy behind retro enthusiast site Turbo Views videotaped and narrated his own guide for beating the first Mega Man game. It's a long watch but nearly every second is filled with a young kid's unalloyed love for this very tricky game. Things to love: pre-pubescent Bucci's slightly gruff voice when he gets dramatic, the philosophical nature of some of his tips and the fact that he's giving you some immaculate speedrun to try and imitate. Hell, just love the whole thing, damn you.

Spida1a RETRO: "Mega Man Tape" ('90 home-video project walk-through) [YouTube]


    The good ol' days. I was never allowed to call the tip lines. Woulda got into a whole world of shit. They were pretty expensive. Instead, we went to the newsagent and read all the magazines for their tips. I think dick smiths had gaming mags too. My mate would read EVERYTHING and I'd go and play the demo consoles. Lol. Good times.

      Times truly have changed, nowadays all the gaming magazines are filled with nostalgic essays, game reviews and advertisements, I guess we can blame the internet for that?

    That kid is/was crazy talented!

    That was awesome :D

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