The 1970s Movie That Looks Just Like A Video Game

In 1976, a short film called C'était un Rendez-vous was released in France. It ran for 10 minutes. And if you've ever played a driving game you'll probably want to watch it. There's no real plot or anything to it, at least not until the end. It's just a guy driving a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL6.9 around Paris with a camera strapped to the front of it. And it was very illegal.

You'll notice he eventually starts running red lights, heading down one-way streets and crossing traffic lines just for the hell of it.

Nobody knows who the man behind the wheel was, and there's even an urban legend that director Claude Lelouch was arrested after its first screening.

Whatever the truth, it's hard watching this and not reaching for a control pad...

[via Rockstar]


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    Where can I pre-order this game from? Looks pretty realistic! Better than Forza for sure.

    lol.. now i'm just waiting for the follow up post from Luke, Getaway Stockholm... (hint: google it!)

    I always thought that was a Ferrari, guess not.

      From memory they dubbed the sound of the director's Ferrari over the top - as the Merc has a three speed auto - which doesn't sound nearly as nice as a five speed manual changing up and down.

      I always thought it was a Ferrari too, but wikipedia says it was a Merc. The Run and the whole Getway in Stockholm series were all inspired by Rendezvous, I guess.

    Nissan did a remake of this for the launch of the 350Z, its called The Run, youtube it, pretty cool, they did theirs in Prague..

    so awesome

    This version much better!

    Jay Leno's Los Angeles version is much better :P

    More like Midtown Madness 3.

    This short movie did create a tradition - I also thought it was a Ferrari - even Wikipedia needs a confirmatory reference to confirm it was a Merc. Not that the Wikipedia is the best source of real knowledge, suffering as it does from editing by committee...

    Robert De Niro in another movie called Ronin did a similar thing... and appeared to use up all his 9 of his lives if it actually was real...

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