The Controller Shop’s Custom Kotaku 360 Pad Is A Thing Of Beauty

The Controller Shop’s Custom Kotaku 360 Pad Is A Thing Of Beauty

The controller customisation experts at The Controller Shop asked if we wanted to review one of their magical creations. I said sure. They asked what sort of controller they should send. I left it up to them. Wise decision.

Arriving today complete with custom plastic case, this Kotaku-flavoured Xbox 360 controller is so pretty I’m afraid to touch it. But those 9mm steel bullet buttons and the nubbly analogue stick covers are begging for my fingers so badly I’m almost embarrassed for them.

I still have to put the controller through its paces in a full review, but from a purely aesthetic standpoint it’s definitely a winner.


      • the site descriptions are quite vague. what makes these better than microsoft controllers, part from the decals?
        their no slow controller just says how much better it is, without stating WHY its better or whats different

  • those stick grips are terrible.. i know from experience. looks good though, except bullet buttons..

  • Very pretty. I’d be tempted if only my original 360 controllers would stop working. The only thing wrong with my first 360 controller is that the rubber on the thumb sticks is just about worn off.

  • I’ve bought limited edition controllers in the past, but they invariably get covered up with velvety soft rubber cover thingies which makes them all black anyway.

  • They look quite awesome, but not cheap. I’d wait until the next gen before purchasing, personally.

  • After reading this article, Isaw an opportunity for some impressive high end promotional tools for my small game design company. I went to the website, did the design, and made the purchase.

    That was the 8th of may, its not the 7th of July and I have as yet, receieved nothing at all. I have been in conctact with the company on several occasions, with several different staff members, and am curently dealing with my last 4 emails having gone unanswered. I dont know yet who the authority in australia is in regards to internet sales fraud, but I will be finding out in a few minutes and then giving them a call.


    unless you are a game review website, they will apparently steal your money and then ignore you.

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