The Two Juliets Reveal The Absurdity Of Cross-Pacific Commutes

Lollipop Chainsaw has two image characters: Jessica Nigri for the West and Mayu Kawamoto for Japan. Kawamoto is a black belt in karate, but Nigri has, I guess, a black belt in revealing cosplay.

This weekend in Tokyo geek district Akihabara, both Juliets appeared alongside game designer Goichi Suda to promote the title and pose for pictures. Silly pictures.

You'd think two image characters were created so one of them didn't have to travel across the Pacific to appear at events. You'd think.

「LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW」全国体験キャラバンが秋葉原で開催。須田剛一氏にWジュリエット,安田善巳氏も出演したイベントをレポート [4Gamer]

「LOLLIPOP CHAINSAWプレミアムグッズ プレゼント大会 in AKIBA」 フォトセッション特集 []

2012年5月19日(土)に東京の秋葉原で開催された"『ロリポップチェーンソー』プレミアムグッズ プレゼント大会 in AKIBA"のリポートをお届けする。 [Famitsu]


    "Why don't we have both?"


      *celebrations and La Bamba*

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA had me rolling on the ground. Literally.


          You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for providing the lulz on this cold dreary morning :D

    These spontaneous joint comments made my day, thank you sirs

      I concur! Well said sirs *raises glass*.

    Why is the Japanese model's costume so much higher quality? You'd think they'd both be the same...

      I think it's because Mayu Kawamoto was the original model, and Jessica Nigiri made her own and posted some photos, which obviously attracted attention, as she could quite easily be a real life Juliet.

      Also, I don't think anyone else is concerned about the quality of the costumes... =P

    i think hte jap one is just more reflective, probibly more a cultural choice... i prefer the american ones filling though

    No kick back protection.

    One who has to ask the question "why have both?" will never understand the answer.

    Lol, Kawamoto's costume is not better. It's basically the same. It's just her skirt is a bit too long for the character and the lining for the top of her socks is thicker and different font. Kawamoto's socks > Nigiri's socks. Nigiri's skirt > Kawamoto's skirt... but that's just my opinion ;P

    So excited for this game regardless. Rei Miyamoto costume here I come!

    Can't help but think of the simpson episodes where they have a car to win and every person who walks up to enter the competaion asks the show girl 'Do you come withe car' and to which she replies 'Oh you hehehe' then the next guy asks the same question and so on ....

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