Skimpy Outfit Gets Lollipop Chainsaw Cosplayer Asked To Leave PAX

Word is that Jessica Nigri, a big-time cosplayer hired to portray the protagonist of Lollipop Chainsaw, was asked to leave PAX East yesterday. Why, you ask? Oh, I don't know. Maybe that hot pink jumpsuit with a "neckline" plunging to her crotch has something to do with it.

She's back today (here is Nigri, as Juliet Starling, at the Lollipop Chainsaw booth.) But Destructoid first reported that she was "asked to leave the show floor" until she had changed out of that pink outfit at right. But changing back to the Juliet Starling costume, at left — which she had worn all Friday with no issue — she was asked to change again or leave the show entirely.

Nigri's Twitter feed does reference something like this. "Haha guys! I just had to tone down the costume!" she tweeted this morning.

Robert Khoo, the president of business development for Penny Arcade, verified to Kotaku that Nigri was asked to change, or leave, because expo staff had received plenty of complaints about her attire, or lack of it.

Khoo said expo staff "notified the WB booth on Friday of our concerns regarding the costumes, and although there was some confusion initially about which outfit was appropriate ... they understood the situation."

Penny Arcade has had a "no booth babe" policy at its expos, not wishing them to be known for models in skimpy clothes hawking products, as they do at other events in the video gaming industry. Two years ago, that policy was put to a vote of its community, which largely reaffirmed the idea.

Costumed representatives are required to know something about their product. There is to be "no messaging that specifically calls out body parts" and while "cosplayed characters are allowed to wear revealing outfits, assuming it is true to the source game" there is a ban on anything considered "partial nudity". This policy still is in place, Khoo said.

"Although the policies regarding appropriate attire are clearly laid out in our exhibitor rules, there are times when edge cases like Lollipop Chainsaw, which technically is allowed since it's the main character in the game, pop up," Khoo told Kotaku. "For scenarios like that, we need to make a judgment call, and a big factor for this one was looking at the number of complaints we had received."

"Ultimately the costume policy is designed to keep the show family friendly, as we see a good number of parents being their young children to the show," Khoo said. "No one, including WB, wants to upset their fans, so I'm perfectly fine standing behind the decision and policy."

Two Fun People Were Asked to Leave PAX East [Destructoid]


    Who complains about that sort of thing? People are so precious


        *Female Parents


            * jealous mums. ;)

              Fat and ugly soccer mums!! :P

              Heck.. just any fat women (and some fat men who can't get girls), will complain!!

                Is there anything we can do? Some sort of grass roots action committee formed to expel the influence of fat old soccer mums from gaming conventions.

      I object from the point of view of taste - it made from the point of view of taste, it's a stupid outfit made of cheap-ass $5 a metre spotlight fabric, it's exceptionally badly made, and the cut is totally unflattering.

      I could've made something just as revealing but way nicer, and worn it without looking like a drag-queen. :p

        aaannnnnd I blame the fact that it's still early afternoon and the lingering brain-haze from the magic sparkling pixie dust I inhaled at work last night for my bad grammar. Do't do drugs, kids, even if they do keep you thin.

        Of course m0sh's big complaint with the suit isn't the potentially offensive or revealing nature, but the quality of its material...

        But yes, I've seen better quality stuff at House of Fetish or Miss Burlesque.

        "...and the cut is totally unflattering."

        Really? It looks quite appealing to me. (hetro male 29yo)

      This is why I dont goto expos anymore. They used to be filled with neckbeards, uber geeks and weaboos staring and drooling at scantily clad women while buying/getting free cool shit. Now its filled with kiddies, mums, hipsters and hollywood 'stars' that have no tie to the expo buying vapid rubbish.

    America is a weird country. Why would anyone complain about boobs?

      Because boobs.

      My family was killed by a pair of boobs,
      We were out on a sunny afternoon picnic when a gang of boobs galloped over the hill and attacked. There was blood everywhere, I only survived because I was a rather tubby short flabby child that they may have confused with another boob.

      This is why I think they should be covered at all times.

      Boobs killed my mother, and raped my father.

      My brother was killed in a drive-by boobout. The police said that it was the nosebleed that killed him, in the end.

    To be truthful, I would have asked her to leave...

    And go back to my place for dinner and a movie...

      To quote my boss:

      "Anyone know any good pubs around the vicinity of (location here)? Preferably ones devoid of soulless blondes."

      "Soulless Blonde". Quite.

      You are welcome to her, sir. Someone tell me when a brunette pops up.

        I'm just guessing here, but I don't think it was her soul that he was interested in...

          I thought only gingers were soulless :/

            Ah i see someone studied up on their souls mythology

          Sorry buddy but I'll keep my soulless blondes when they come like that!

    Young children suck off those things every day, I don't see why parents get so upset about cleavage showing.

      I sure hope you mean 'babies' when you said 'young children'..


    A shame. A damn shame.

    I can see why, honestly, you'd have to be blind not to. I personally wouldn't complain though.

    whats the problem? It's the same amount of skin tight fabric just positioned differently. Plus it's implied nudity, which can be seen in just about every other form of media and is deemed ok. Just because it's video games parents want to get up in arms with their "won't someone think of the children and not the adult audience that this game is aimed at" blind stance

      Haha by that logic if she placed skin tight clothing on her legs arms and stomach she got rock out with her crotch out and tits with no real issue. The point is clothing like that is meant to draw certain thoughts. Regardless of how much skins or isn't exposed which is the issue mothers would have

        And the cheerleader outfit is different in that regard how? :P

    to many angst ridden teens running to the toilets....

    This is a direct violation of the Boobs or GTFO rule.

    Kent Brockman: Well, according to our audience insta-poll, 46% say "You're too old", and 37% say "She's a skank!".

    No tan lines.....

      At least not where I can see....
      Oops, naughty thoughts.


    Keeping it "family friendly"? I thought the average game, and game related goodies on show at PAX would be rated (M) from what seems to be on offer: The Secret World, Borderlands2, Max Payne 3, Mortal Kombat, Assassins Creed, Bioshock Infinite , Witcher 2, Tom Clancy kill stuff, Far Cry 3, oh and Lollipop Chainsaw the original offending issue just to name a few. Oh that's right they contain violence so that's fine for the kiddies.

      It's America.

      Violence is fine... it's sex, Godlessness, homosexuality and bad language that are corrupting the kids these days.

    This is why girls still don't feel comfortable at these things... oh wait, no, it's all of you guys.

    she could have just zipped it up... still woulda been hella hot!

    So was the pink jumpsuit outfit actually from anything?

      yep I think it's one of the bazillion or so alt costumes from the trailer.

    This is why we can't have nice things!!

    I get that they have a no booth babe policy, but it seems like they could make an exception when someone is dressed as a game character (not that I find the character all that appealing either).

      Inb4 "Read the article you stupid moose face" :P

      “Although the policies regarding appropriate attire are clearly laid out in our exhibitor rules, there are times when edge cases like Lollipop Chainsaw, which technically is allowed since it’s the main character in the game, pop up,” Khoo told Kotaku. “For scenarios like that, we need to make a judgment call, and a big factor for this one was looking at the number of complaints we had received.”

    ok i can kinda get why she was asked to change out of the pink suit. but the left one isnt that bad. nothing worse then what you used to see in the 90s/early 00s
    Anyway her tits look fake which is shit. If i wanted to play with silicon i would play with my doll...

      Looks more like they're just heavily pushed-up to me.

      Anyway, looks like you've never been with someone bigger than a small b-cup...

    Space station silicon valley

    I still believe it is a form of censorship, she obviously went to a lot of trouble to look that good. How about everyone just wears plain clothing to a convention which is apparently pro gaming. Seems very odd.

    so ya know, showing off the human body is completely unacceptable, but all the violent video games they promote are ok? what kind of time do we live in where, violence is acceptable and sexuality is taboo.

      I was just gonna say that.. Classic America. In fact, the same could be said for much of the English speaking world. So much sexual repression and body shame.

      I'm the farthest person from a puritanical Helen Lovejoy, but I agree with PAX here. There are kids on the showroom at these events. The "sexuality corrupts kids!" argument is a topic for another day, but there are a thousand other venues to show your tits, and for the guys who really want to see boobs in real life, just go to a tittybar or peepshow.

      Reminds me of when I saw tourist parents dragging their families through red light districts and the kids are either gleeful or horrified. But those parents make the conscious decision to take their kids to a seedy area, they shouldn't have to expect it at a videogame convention. As much as I disagree with it, I'd support a conservative parents' right to shield their child from this sort of thing.

        It's an industry renowned for having scantily clad female characters...

        Basically, this is like parents taking children to a car show and complaining about the noise when cars are being run on a dyno.

    Urgh the sooner video games aren't associated with gamers the better

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