This Action Figure Will Make You A God Damned Sexual Tyrannosaurus

There just aren't enough Jesse Ventura action figures in the world. And while the very top of my wishlist would have to be a piece based on Running Man's Captain Freedom, seeing this Predator figure is almost as good.

Built by toy creator Count Chocula, he's a combination of custom sculpted parts and cannibalised pieces from various GI Joe figures.

Blaine Cooper Custom Action Figure [Figure Realm, via toycutter]


    Bullets are feeding backwards.

      LOLOL isnt that a major stuff up bahahha

      They're also an absurdly large caliber, is that a mini gun or a cut down gau-8?

        wow, thats a big fail. compare that to anything from

    mustache ends are too rounded

    Have you seen that guys consirisy theory show?He's bloody nuts.

    not broad enough.

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